20% of American Women Are Abused

A recent study by the Family Violence and Prevention Fund has once again shown that the United States is still one of the most misogynistic nations in the world.

A shocking 20% of American high-school aged women report being beaten or sexually abused by a date. 8% report being forced to have sex by a boyfriend. 40% of girls aged 14-17 years know someone who has been hit by a boyfriend.

Every year, 4.8 million American women, according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, suffer rape and/or physical abuse from an intimate partner.

The news only gets worse. The Justice Departments’ Bureau of Justice records 1,181 American women killed by a boyfriend or husband in 2005. That is three American women a day.

Not only are the statistics shocking and shameful of any nation, there is in the United States among the young generation misunderstanding about the abuse of women. Many American teenagers are sanguine about such abuse.

The Boston Public Heath Commission conducted a survey on teenage opinion on the beating of R&B singer Rihanna by her boyfriend Chris Brown. Half of those polled blame Rihanna for her own beating.

Why is there such gross abuse of women and indifference to it in America? Because American culture is a sick, perverse world where women are objectified into demeaned figured who exist solely to arouse and satisfy the sexual urges of men. American culture though hip-hop and Hollywood films embed misogynist values. And American men simply do not respect women the way men do elsewhere. American men are sexist slobs who think women exist to clean, cook and open their legs.

Finally, one cannot leave Christianity off the record. After all in a nation as religious as America, where 45% of the population defines itself as “born-again,” the Bible’s rendering of women to property has to blamed for the abuse of women. Yup, Christianity is a sexist faith that denies women rights and it is for that reason, in part, that such a strongly Christian nation abuses women.

Okay, pause. There are a lot of reason for the sad abuse of women in America. And there is truth in what I wrote, particularly when it comes to culture. But the aforementioned is just gross generalizations. And, no doubt, when people look at such statistics on America they will seek to find socioeconomic reasons and so on and so forth. No one will condemn the entire culture or Christianity, even in a nation as religious as the United States. But ask yourself: what would they say if these statistics where on any Muslim nation? I’ll tell what they’d say: they’d attack Islam left and right and condemn Arab culture. Why are discourse standards different? Racism, that’s why. Pure and simple.

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