7 Things That Motivate Women to Have Sex with You

Since women are ruled by their emotions, they often do crazy things and can’t find a logical explanation for them. Sometimes, it’s hard for them to understand why they slept with that handsome stranger. Maybe, she was drunk or it was a mere combination of circumstances. At Romance Compass, brides and girls confessed what can rouse them to having sex with you.

You smell properly

Unfortunately, you can’t control this criterion yourself since here we speak about your natural smell, not your perfume. The sexologists found out that for women, men’s natural scent has a fundamental importance when choosing a partner. Even men’s appearance is a secondary criterion for them (men, in their turn, prioritize women’s looks). There is a hypothesis that in the process of evolution, women have developed a good sense of smell that can recognize men possessing a complementary gene composition.

You’re neighbors or coworkers

Women are more willing to go out on a romantic date with a man they see regularly but haven’t yet talked with. In other words, if a woman sees you walking to a water cooler, she remembers you and it boosts your chances for success. Even if she didn’t like you at first, she got used to you and now, she is ready to consider any of your suggestions. The same principle works with songs or films. You hear a song and it doesn’t impress you. Then, you hear it on the radio, in malls, on TV and you realize it’s not bad, actually.

You maintain an eye contact for more than a minute

As a rule, it works with romantic girls. The surveyed women admitted they would agree to spend a night with a stranger simply because they were hypnotized by his look. A group of sexologists conducted an experiment: several dozens of couples were revealing their intimate secrets to each other for 30 minutes and then, for 4 minutes, they were looking each other in the eyes. More than a half of the participants felt a strong attraction to the fellow “partners” and two couples even got married after the experiment.

You’re tall

tall man

80% of women consider men of more than average height to be extremely attractive. According to psychologists, women view taller men as better breadwinners and protectors. Usually, tall men have better communication skills and tend to make a good impression. They inspire respect and get promoted more often. Also, they are less aggressive since they don’t need to prove their superiority.

You speak in a chest voice

Women like men with a low, chest voice. The quality of men’s voice depends on the amount of testosterone produced in men’s organism. The higher the testosterone levels are, the lower the voice is. By the way, female frogs choose their partners by ear – big and healthy males have a low timbre.

You move and sit like an alpha male


There some patterns of men’s behavior that women find irresistible: a short look straight into the eyes; gestures to maximize the space, such as stretching; more movement; more patronizing touches to other men (patting his buddies’ backs); and open positions (no crossed arms and legs). Such behavior shows that you feel free and dominate this territory.

She lost weight

Both for men and women, sex is a great way to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Lack of confidence kills sexual desire while the absence of sex aggravates insecurity. This vicious circle can be broken by starting to pay attention to your appearance. Women realize that men love with their eyes, so they look for good-looking women. That is why women spend more time on grooming than men. Most of the surveyed women said that they immediately felt a surge of sexual energy after they lost some weight or changed their style. They were ready to find an intimate partner to become convinced of their sex appeal.

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