8 – Tips for a Great Online Dating Profile

When it comes to online dating, having an attractive online profile will help you generate more interest and meet more potential suitors. According to Stoic Matchmaker, an online dating site, “Thoroughly completed and honest online dating profiles are the key to finding success in the online dating world.” So whether you are new to the online dating scene or you have been using them for quite some time, here are eight tips to help you create a great online dating profile.

1. Answer every question

Online-DatingWhen it comes to online dating, you should always answer every question completely. This will help the dating site match you with more people who have things in common with you. And if the sites you’re using don’t match you, a complete profile will help potential suitors find out more about you and decide if you have anything in common. If you are truly serious about online dating, then be sure you take the time to answer every question.

2. Be honest

Honesty is always the best policy, so don’t make things up in your online profile. Doing so will only attract the wrong people to your page, and it will only end up with you having to explain the lie sometime down the road. If you truly want to use online dating as a tool to meet someone special, then you shouldn’t start off by lying to them online. Being honest will make you stand out among all those other dating profiles that are filled with lies.

3. Show your face

Online-DatingHiding your face in your profile picture is not a good idea. You deserve to show people exactly what they’re going to get, no matter how you feel about yourself. Consider this part of being completely honest in your profile. If you don’t show your face, or if you use an old picture, it will not end up working in your favor should you actually meet this individual in person. Just think about how you would feel if you found out you met someone who used an old or hidden photo on their profile picture.

4. Let your personality shine

Some of the best online dating profiles out there are those where the individual’s personality shines through, no matter how weird it may be. Talk about the quirky things you like, what weird things interest you, or how you feel about certain topics. If your personality is unique and fun, it will be attractive to people and will get more looks on your profile page. So whether you do that through your writing, through your photos or through an uploaded video, just be you.

5. Don’t focus on the dating

Online-DatingEveryone on the dating site knows exactly why you’re there, so don’t make that the entire focus of your profile. Don’t talk about why you are online dating or how other dating apps or sites didn’t work. Instead, talk about you and what it is you’re interested in and what you want from the dating site, whether it’s simply companionship or to hopefully get married.

6. Don’t get too lengthy

Sometimes you may want to share all the details about your life, but other people are not going to take the time to read a novel on your profile. While it’s important for you to be honest and to answer every question, it’s not necessary for you to write paragraph upon paragraph just to answer one question. Find ways to answer the question, be honest, and be succinct, and you’ll find that more people spend time wanting to get to know you.

7. Be positive

Online-DatingNobody likes a Negative Nancy, so make sure that your profile focuses on more of the positive instead of the negative. No matter what has happened in your life or how you are feeling at the moment, you need to make sure your profile focuses more on the positive parts of your life.

8. Check your grammar and spelling

Finally, once your profile is complete, it’s important for you to check your grammar and your spelling. Doing so makes your profile so much easier for people to read and understand, and they’ll get a better sense of who you truly are.

Online dating can be overwhelming at first, and with so many people using them, it can be hard to stand out. However, if you use these tips, you’ll find that your online dating profile generates more interest, and you’ll be on your way to find love.

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