A guide to happy sex life

The Kama sutra by Vatsyana is a collection of seven series of books. The book begins by talking about the general principles of life. It highlights the three basic rules of life the Drama, Artha and Kama. Dharma refers to the fulfillment of one’s duty while Artha is the accumulation of the wealth and Kama is enjoying with the five senses.

Out of these three, which everyone needs to follow in life, Drama is the most important followed by Karma and Kama. However, Vatsyanain his book Kama sutra stresses about Kama. Kama stands for the fulfillment of love and enjoying sexual pleasure. The first series of Kama sutra not only specifies study of men but also women.

After the basic and the general principal are done with, the Kamasutra talks about the sizes of the male and the female genitals. In order to have a pleasurable union it is very important according to Vatsysana that the genitals should be of the same size.

The second book also contains the step, which one should follow when enjoying a sexual union. The initial act is Alingana and the final step is Adhoratam that is the anal congress.

The third part of the Kama sutra discusses about brothel and about marriage. Marriage according to Kama sutra should happen when both the families agree to it. After the marriage, the couple should abstain from sexual activity and the man should take the women into confidence in those three days.

The fourth book is dedicated for women. It discusses the role women should play as a wife. Other than the homely function of cooking and crucial the four different types of love is also described.

Love which emerges from habit and imagination, love as imagined by both the parties and undefined love are the four kinds of love which women express.


The fifth book explores the nature of man and women and the love they share. It is pointed out that women fall in love more intensely than men. According to the author men if they face a rejection might become indifferent and therefore the author suggests the various strategies which men should adopt to woo their women. It also mentions how a king should behave and what disposition should he have.


The ending of the Kama sutra focuses on the sexual lore. It elaborates that men and women should dress themselves so as to attract the other. The various ways to attract are using pastes, oils, and ointments all over the body including the genitals.

The conclusion stated by the author is that in order to have a content life individuals should strive equally for Dharma, Artha and Kama.

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