Achieve spiritual enlightenment through sex by following Kama Sutra techniques

Kama sutra is believed to be the most ancient book that explicitly describes the different coitus positions. Though people often utilize these postures without ever stopping to think about their deeper connotations, Kama Sutra speaks in great volumes about the close relationship between sex and spiritual enlightenment. Sex is looked at as a carnal desire that leads men towards sin but in reality, it is something that helps in attaining blissful moments of highest satisfaction similar to the attainment of spiritual knowledge. Vatsyayana the writer of Kama sutra has mentioned some tried and tested methods through which a man can reach this heightened state of mind by lovemaking with his partner.


Kama Sutra is a collection of seven books consisting of 36 different chapters. It describes over 200 different sex positions intimately. In the ancient days, girls were given this book as soon as they entered puberty so that they could learn the art of lovemaking and please their husbands without any hesitation. In those days, even the princesses were taught how to make love and seduce men. The authors of this book have not only spoken about the different postures of lovemaking but also stressed the importance of sex in relationships and marriages. It is a guidebook for those who are trying to find mate. Sexual compatibility is very important for couples as in its absence relationships can dissipate.

Kama Sutra says that men can reach orgasm even without ejaculating during sexual intercourse. If they can separate these two aspects of sex then attaining spiritual insight is possible. The pleasure of spiritual delight and sexual ecstasy are similar in intensity and brings out the same physical reactions like sweat and quivering of the body with spasms. Men should practice some physical movements and breathing techniques for separating ejaculation and orgasm.

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Sex is definitely an intrinsic part of our life and there is nothing wrong in enjoying it to the fullest. If spirituality comes holding the hand of sexual enjoyment then it means that there is nothing sinful about sex. The different poses of sexual intercourses have been given kinky and fun names in Kama Sutra for helping the couples discern them easily. Vatsyayana believed that good sex life can help in restoring peace in society and make family life more pleasant.


Sex has been linked with spiritual enrichment in Kama Sutra. Proper understanding of coitus and knowledge about the rites of love can lead towards a fulfilling personal relationship.

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