Advice from the Kamasutra for mismatched couples

Most of us have at least once wondered looking at a couple how their match was made. Some couples just do not suit each other in physical appearance and basic nature. Sometimes the man is too feeble looking or lean and the woman is gigantic. But strangely they love each other extremely. These couples are also capable of enjoying a healthy sex life as they know how to please each other.

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There is a common belief that opposites attract each other. There is no reason why a lean and feeble man won’t be able to satisfy his woman. Kamasutra not only addresses this issue but also suggests some remedies for such couples. It suggests ways of enhancing the penis for feeble men who want to completely satisfy their huge sized female partners in bed. Though the methods described are bizarre the attempt of help should be praised.

Vatsyayana mentions in a funny manner that the arrows of the cupid sometimes hit the wrong targets and very odd couples are formed due to this. They are mocked and laughed at by all, but still their love withstands the trials of time. When it comes to sex, mismatched partners know exactly how to please each other and enjoy to the fullest. Vatsyayana advices lean men who have a small penis to use Apadravyas properly. It is supposed to help in enlarging the penis so that the feeble men too can satisfy their women in bed.

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Sometimes even small and petite women get married to men who are tall and large in proportions. Vatsyayana suggests that men rub the wasp stings on their penis and thereafter rub sweet oils on it. The man would have to sleep on his stomach for ten nights while his penis dangles through a hole made into the bed. After the ten days are over men can put some cooling ointment on the lingam and get rid of the pain from wasp stings.

For lean women who marry huge men Vatsyayana suggests a method of enhancement as well. The doe women with small vagina can use a mixture of honey, blue lotus, aromatic gum tree, madder and powdered lotus roots for enlarging their vagina for one night. The elephant women can tighten her vagina for a single night by applying Barleria leaves.


Kamasutra addressed the problem of physically mismatched couples 2000 years ago. It reflects the progressive thinking of that era. At the current date we too need to understand physical compatibility and try to resolve sexual problems with an open mind.

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