Alicia Silverstone goes bare body for PETA

Superstar Alicia Silverstone has been a longtime PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporter and now she goes that extra mile for the organization. In the new ad campaign for PETA, Alicia gets naked in support of ethical treatment towards animals.

A combination of print and video ads, the actress poses nude(covered where it counts) in front of a pool with the tag line being ‘I am Alicia Silverstone and I am a Vegetarian’.

The PETA-Silverstone campaign will kick start on Food Network, Lifetime and E! in Houston and then spread the message throughout the nation. PETA choice of place to start the campaign is Houston considering the statement of ‘it repeatedly ranks among the least healthy in the country’.

In admiration to the PETA cause and in support to making this world a better place to live in Alicia Silverstone says,

“I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals.Physically the effect [of going veggie] has been amazing. Once I went vegan, I lost the weight.”

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