All about the Visitor Kamasutra sex position

Literally, visitor means person visiting for some time. So, the visitor sex position is anytime anywhere standing upright lovemaking position in which both the male and female partners are facing and holding each other during the lovemaking. The male penetrates his women from the front and starts thrusting back and forth. This is the position which most of us watch in Hollywood movies is often referred as quickie or meaning unexpected sex anywhere. In this position, both partners do not need to strip all of their clothing and just get in to the act by removing the lower body clothing for the quick action. Like the other standing positions, this position is also very intimate and sexually gratifying as both partners can look into each other’s eyes. During the act, both male and female partners are holding each other closely and at the same time, they can lip lock.

Visitor sex position explained

To get into this position, both the male and female partners needs to stand upright facing each other and then they come together for lovemaking. The male partner penetrates the female from the front after briefly touching or rubbing the female genitals with his penis or may be with hands. After penetration of penis into the female vagina, both partners hold each other tightly and male starts thrusting back and forth. If the female is of shorter height, then the male can bend a little and while holding her by her waist he can thrust up and down. During the lovemaking, female can raise her legs a little or she can plant her one leg between the male partner’s legs to increase the friction between the two, thus getting satisfaction that is more sexual. As it is a good position for quickie, male partner can thrust hard and may increase the frequency of stroking. Female can also raise her height for this position by wearing high heels, which, again, can be very stimulating and turn on.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction

This position is very intimate one so both the partners can have very early orgasm. Satisfaction level are also enhanced as both the partners has eye to eye contact with each other and they can use their hand  as to caress each other anywhere in the body. Female partner’s g-spot stimulation is also quite higher in this position.

Precautions, if any

From the sexual and physical point, not much precaution is required but couple can enjoy lovemaking more if they remain patient and slow down the proceedings a little.

Visitor Kamasutra sex position straightforward standing position in which both the partners are in upright position facing each other. It’s a position of intimate sex and couples have eye contact during the whole process of lovemaking and can continuously kiss each other to increase their stimulation levels.  On the top of this, it’s a position for a quick sex anytime and anywhere.


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