All-natural ways to increase your libido

Many face a sudden dip in their libido at some point of life. May it be some physical changes, age or psychological issue that prevent one from feeling aroused, it is unnerving and hard to accept. Individuals who suffer from a low libido do not reveal their secret to others easily due to the fear of being judged and mocked.

There are lots of caricatures and perverted jokes doing the rounds regarding male sexual problems and female body types. All these can make one feel pressurized. Luckily there are some natural remedies that can help you get over this problem and take charge of your sexual life.

The herbal magicians

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There are some herbs which have been used for ages to enhance the libido. You can use herbs which are popularly used as aphrodisiacs. Of course, natural Viagra is the first herb that will come to your mind, and it is effective for men and women alike, but there are other herbs as well.

Some of the best herbs for increasing your sex drive are horny goat weed, maca and rhodiola. These herbs reduce stress levels, make you feel less fatigued and prevent depression and physical disorders. As a result one feels more healthy and interested in sexual intimacy.

Kill the stress, live a happy life

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Unwinding is really important to sustain a busy lifestyle. Sadly, the young generation has forgotten the real methods of unwinding. Meditation and deep breathing can boost your confidence level, calm your mind and make your feel more positive.

They also help in controlling stress levels. Exercising can also relieve you from stress. Adequate sleep and rest is necessary to get rid of the pent up anxieties. Your body and mind deserve love and respect after each harsh week. So, instead of partying till late at night, use the weekend for catching up with family and relax more.

Give your best

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Prolonging the foreplay, beyond the physical intimacy and the boundaries of bedroom can improve your sex drive and relationship. Express your love and spend quality time with your partner. It is all about restoring that bond you had before and attracting your partner. Make an effort to arouse them with texts, words and show them that you care. Support each other to get the sparks flying again.

Don’t neglect nutrition


The importance of healthy diet for a satisfying relationship cannot be emphasized enough. Fresh sea food, lean meat and fruits are rich in nutrients and offer sufficient amounts of Omega 3fatty acids which are essential for sexual potency. Also keep spinach, broccoli and cauliflower in your diet.

Eating, exercising and relaxing are three of the keys to a vigorous sex life. To revive your sexual desires you can take the help of tried and tested natural herbs.

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