The art of Kama sutra 

Kama sutra, written by the Hindus in the medieval period contains 69 unique positions of love making which will spice up your sex lives. A complete sex process consists of emotional attachment, fore play with each other and knowing each other’s body well, and ultimately enjoying each other inside out. Let us now discuss some of the techniques of the art of lovemaking.

sexual intercourse foreplay is necessary and it helps enhance your sex life


Because any sexual intercourse foreplay is necessary and it helps enhance your sex life.

Embracing: Embracing each another helps to remove distances and creates closeness. Embracing consists of

  • Touching
  • Pulling
  • Rubbing
  • Pressing hard

Kissing: Kissing accompanies embracing. It is used to increase the intensity of love. Kissing can be in various ways: smooching, deep kiss, and normal kiss. There are eleven sensitive points where kissing can create great sparks in woman. They are lips, breast, foreheads, and palate inside the mouth, cheeks, eyes, neck and busts. People who would like to go further can also kiss in the vagina and clitoris.

Woman can arouse their partners with the help of sexy nails. Biting slowly and softly on the neck or the hips can also arouse sparks in men as well as women. Necks, thighs, armpits and the nipples on the breasts are the ideal places to bite.
Sex positions for hot weather 64 arts of Kama sutra

According to Vatsyayan, there are 64 different arts in the Kama sutra. They consist of different creative aspects like singing, dancing; knowing foreign languages, playing an instrument, Speaking well, and painting and writing beautifully, stitching, cooking well, treating animals with care and the list follows. These qualities are also required in a woman so that she can be a good daughter, good wife, a good lover, a good mother and a good daughter in law.

Why this is required?

These inbuilt creative talents augment to the attractiveness, temperament and qualities of a woman. These arts help men to get attracted towards any women. Women of high society are valued for their creativity and prostitutes also draw men towards them with these characters in them.
Though some people feel that showing of postures in Kama sutra is vulgar, a couple can show their love towards each other in this ideal way. The more you show your posture, the more love generates. This also helps a couple to conceive. The first step to physical pleasure is absolute joy, which is found through these different postures of love.

Sex starts with the man and woman talking sweetly to each other and then slowly going into foreplay


Sex starts with the man and woman talking sweetly to each other and then slowly going into foreplay. The man must first undress his partner so that he can see her naked body. Thought the female partner will resist at first, she actually wants it. The next step is touching the intimate places of the woman’s body i.e. her breasts, neck, clitoris, thighs and armpits. Gradually the woman will yield to the man’s demands and also enjoy the moment of sex with her partner. It is necessary that both partners have sex willingly.

When the foreplay has reached the peak of orgasm, the man and the woman both urge for intercourse. Some of the best positions for the man to enter into the woman are Mrigi, Hastini asana, Samarati. Badava Asan and a long list follow.

The best part of sex is when both man and woman reach orgasm at the same time. Sex also gets interesting when the man and the woman make noises with their mouth. Sometimes there is a reversal of role, where the woman takes domination over the man.

It is necessary that the penis should insert the vagina when the woman has attained proper lubrication. Lubrication can be done with the help of hands or by licking the clitoris, or naturally.

After sex is over the couple should not separate then and there. They should stay with each other, talk to each other and embrace each other. The bonding will gradually grow and couple will enjoy a long and active sex life in future a well.

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