Avoiding Sex Addiction After Breakup

Breakup can easily turn your life upside down. You believed in your relationship and you were sure that it would last forever. But everything came crumbling down and now everything you’ve been working on is destroyed. Of course, you would feel depressed for quite a while. Then you are going to become quite introspective. You can value your alone time and devote it to the things that you’ve never done before. That’s the way you can easily overcome the breakup and start a new romantic relationship some time later.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work like that. Some people go down spiral and start despising love and stop believing in trustworthy relationship. Aside from that, after long-lasting relationship, your sexual drive is at all time high. And thus you may start having multiple sexual partners.

Cruising for women online.

Cruising for women online. Believe or not, but that’s one of the main causes of sex addiction. While you may laugh all you want, and think that you would stop immediately as soon as you find a new partner. But then, you get the feeling that one partner cannot satisfy you completely. That’s why you need to know symptoms of sex addiction to tell it and take precautions.

What is Sexual Addiction?

Before going into the sex addiction signs, let’s figure out what sexual addiction is. Basically, it means that you are obsessed with sex. You can’t control your sexual behavior and thus you have sex on every possible occasion. And you are not emotionally attached to your sexual partners. Most likely you are going to have sex with random people. Needless to say that you can’t maintain committed relationship while suffering from sexual addiction. And if you think that sexual addiction is something that won’t touch you, statistics can easily prove you wrong. According to different researches, around thirty million people in the United States experience sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is typical for both men and women. Sex addiction can become a real problem if you want to have a steady partner.

Sex Addiction Signs

Porn addiction

In order to understand sex addiction, you need to know its signs. The common symptoms of sex addiction include compulsive masturbation, multiple sex partners, one night stands, constant watching of pornography, practicing unsafe sex, engaging in cybersex, hiring prostitutes or practicing prostitution, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. Needless to say that sex addiction ruins steady relationship and can lead to STDs, including HIV. But you shouldn’t confuse sex addiction with advanced libido. The main difference is advanced libido doesn’t include inability to control your behavior. Another difference is that people suffering from sex addiction continue their dangerous behavior despite the harm it causes.

Sex Addiction Therapy

It can be really hard to treat sex addiction. The main problem is sex addicts per se, as they quite often rationalize and justify their behavior. In other words, they always tend to refuse to admit their addiction. Things that may help include self-help organizations, cognitive behavior treatment and residential treatment programs.

Sometimes your doctor can prescribe medications, such as Prozac, as they can subdue your sexual urges. Another crucial aspect of treating sexual addiction is the support from family members and friends. But the very first and the most important step in treating sex addiction is admitting that you have a problem.

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