Best guidebooks that will transform and improve your sex life

We often turn to books as a pastime, hobby or for reference purposes when we are looking out for answers or finding ways to improve our lives. Considering the various genres there are in the market, it is easy to get an answer for every question we have in our mind. Here are a few guidebooks you can surely consider that can make a transform your sex life and marriage for the best.

Sexy challenges sacred and sensual experiences for lovers

Rob Alex, Ph.D. is the brains behind this book. It gives you good ideas on how you can make your sex life fun and interesting. These ideas will help you plan-out a sensual and great experience of memorable nights together.

Fifty Shades of Grey

One of the most popular books in today’s world, EL James has given us a new perspective to look at our sexual appetite. This book teaches a woman to be comfortable in her own skin and accept her sexuality the way it is. The want of new and interesting desires is normal and it is explained perfectly in this book.


The real meaning of relationships is captured beautifully in this book written by Jilly Cooper. It teaches you all about the fact that relationships are never perfect. It also shows you that it is human to make mistakes and even slip in a relationship. A perfect revelation on how to accept a relation and a person the way he or she is.

The Guide to Getting It On

Paul Joannides Sixth Edition of The Guide to Getting It on shows you how you can transform your sex life into a happening one. It also explains how a person can change the most simplistic experience into a blissful one without putting in too much of efforts.

Sex matters

Sex matters

Osho’s teachings have always been an inspiration and the same is applicable to this book. This book tells you about the importance of sex and relationships from a natural and spiritual point of view.

The Erotic Mind

Some books are written by experts in a particular field, which can really help us improve the quality of our lives in many ways. The same is applicable for people who want to enhance their relationships and sex life. Jack Morin’s Erotic Mind gives you a complete psychology of human desires. It also lets you know about how the mind and body should be united to reach the actual levels of sexual fulfillment.

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