Best roleplay ideas to try out with your partner in adventure

Roleplay is one of those sexual fantasies that cannot be fulfilled without the right partner. But, if you have a partner with whom your chemistry is fantastic then your home can be the perfect place to play the game of a variety of roles and have sex in different manners.

Well, remember that the purpose of roleplaying will fail if you do not have sex in a different attitude. Sometimes it will be coarse and sometimes gentle. Get under the skin of the characters that you are going to play. You may take inspiration from literary characters and love stories. In the following you will find some of the best role-play ideas to try.

The cop and criminal

 Beautiful girl and lad in dance suit

Let’s admit it, we all find a tough cop with suave attitude very hot. The beauty of this roleplay idea is that it can go two ways. You can play it in at least four different manners. The power play between the convict and the cop has to be intense. If your man always takes charge of things in the bedroom, then reverse the roles by playing cop.

Make him sit on a wooden chair for interrogation and strip to a police overcoat, a fake police hat and your undergarments. Tie his hands behind with a handcuff and do all the things that you have always desired. You can also have sex in this position by straddling his lap.

The stranger knocking at the door

 Woman in evening gown, man at door

Who doesn’t have the fetish to do it with a sexy stranger? Well, we all have had our hard times looking at hot strangers of the opposite sex. You can turn your fantasy into reality by playing the naïve stranger knocking at the door of an unknown man for shelter as a blizzard has been announced and your car has broken down.

This roleplay idea can be taken in many directions. Play with your imagination and add events to make the situation even hotter. Surprise your partner with some sexy moves that you have never tried before in bed.

Recreate the red room of pleasure and pain

 Top view of woman's hands bound with red rope

Don’t feel shy to admit that you have imagined being spanked and ruled by a dominant partner. BDSM should not be a taboo as it helps one explore the bounds of their sexual self. Sadomasochism is sexy because it functions on trust. The dominant can dominate you as long as you do not raise the alert. You can stop the game of pain whenever you want to. Try butt plugs, handcuffs and sex toys for increasing the intensity of this love making game.

Flaunt your super powers

 Flaunt your super powers

Yes, this game of roleplay creates the opportunity for dressing up as a super hero or heroine. You can play the innocent damsel who got saved from a fire by batman only to be taken to his lair and pleasured from top to bottom. You can also be the cat woman who takes fancy on a normal human and does all sorts of catty things on bed.

Roleplay is a sexual fantasy game which helps in reviving the spark of your sex life. Don’t restrict your fantasies but act them out with your partner.

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