Better you sex life with aromatherapy

Massages, scented candles, incenses and perfumes have been an essential part of our sensual lives for a long while now. However, aromatherapy is a new entrant in the field and has come to be used as an aid that can promote the bonding between partners while enhancing their performance. There are the top five essential oils used in aromatherapy that can give your sex life a surefire boost.

1. Lavender

The fragrance of lavender oil boosts the secretion of the sex hormone estrogen in women and increases blood flow to the genitals. The oil also enhances sensitivity in women which makes them more responsive to touches, caresses and foreplay. A massage with lavender oil before sex also helps women climax faster.

2. Honey-suckle

Honeysuckle essential oil is used in deep-tissue massages and is known as a quick acting energizer. Since the oil carries natural sugars in it, it is able to restore the lost energy directly to the muscles which of course reduces exhaustion and helps get people in the mood more easily. If you are prone to bouts of low energy which dampens your libido, a massage with honey-suckle oil in combination with the right bath salts can help you immensely.


3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil improves blood circulation and has nerve calming properties as well. Not only does it help people relax after a hectic day, it also refreshes them and boosts their libido. The woody and sweet fragrance of sandalwood acts as an aphrodisiac which helps couples bond and increase the physical intimacy between them. The oil works wonder for couples that have very hectic schedules and its prolonged use helps people make a positive association between a tiring activity like sex and relaxation.


4. Mogra and Rose

With their natural stimulation power, rose and mogra oils can penetrate deep into the tissues of your bodies, relax them and stimulate sex hormones in both men and women. Couples can also include a combo mix of rose and mogra oils and massage each other’s lower body with it to boost libido. Thanks to its extensive use in romantic situations, the fragrance of rose jumpstarts your brain into thinking romantically which enhances intimacy and performance.


5. Vanilla

The clever little trick with vanilla oil is that its use in confectionary instantly allows our brain to become flooded with aural memories of delicious cakes and other sweet comfort food. Since most such foods are used in celebrations, the brain instantly goes to a “happy place” when one gets a whiff of vanilla. Thus, the oil acts like a mood refresher which stimulates couples emotionally as well as physically. The release of endorphins also arouses sexual desires and the added blood circulation helps both partners perform better during the deed and reach climaxes more easily.

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