How to bring fire-works back in bedroom to give your sexual life a makeover

Boredom is the one thing that should never come between you and your partner in the bedroom. There are definitely times when you feel that the charm has gone out of the window, the sparks have crashed down and you will never get them flying again. However, it is certainly possible to enhance the chemistry between you and your partner. Rekindling the bedroom fire is not a tough task at all. Some little tips can totally take care of your bedroom boredom issues. A positive attitude and an open mind are all the accessories you need for revamping your sexual life.

Shed the Inhibition and embrace nudity

Some Tips that will Change Your Sexual Experiences Forever

  1. Shed the Inhibition and embrace nudity

Sometimes lovemaking is marred by your negative body image. You are so self-conscious that you continuously try to hide your body parts and feel embarrassed to let out your passions. Coyness certainly doesn’t work between the sheets. You have to throw away all your inhibitions and enjoy your sexuality when you are in company of your partner or spouse. Try setting up ‘naked-time’ with your lover after work or in the morning or any time suitable for both of you. Enjoy the intimacy of being naked around each other.

  1. Cuddle and Fondle

The goodness and benefits of cuddling and fondling can never be emphasized enough. Some couples make the mistake of scheduling their love life only for the nights at the bedroom. The way to a glorious sex-life is to bring your cuddling and fondling instincts out of the closet. May it be the kitchen counter, the drawing room’s expensive carpet or the Dining table, don’t let the desire to hug and fondle pass you by.

  1. Try to read his/ her mind

Sometimes we have no clue if our partner likes what we are doing to them in bed. Try to monitor what he does to you because those are the reflection of what he/ she wants you to do to them.

 Bite and suck some aphrodisiacs

  1. Bite and suck some aphrodisiacs

There is nothing more relaxing than eating strawberries dipped in dark chocolate in each other’s company. There are so many delicious aphrodisiacs available around you that you will be surprised. Almonds, chilies, pine nuts, goji berries etc. The aphrodisiacs are high on libido enhancing vitamins and nutrients and they release stress-busting, feel-good hormones in our body for making you feel relaxed and happy.

  1. Spicy messages and hot massages

Send your partner small but enticing messages throughout the day. Bring back the seduction and hint at some great foreplay and excitement waiting for them at the end of the day. Give them a relaxing, sensual massage at the day end. Experiment with textures like leather, silk, feathers and velvets. Seduction is an art and you can have lots of fun learning it.

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