Bruce Willis’ new crush is 5 years older than his daughter!

tamara and bruce 2331

(Picture Of Bruce and Tamara)
Oscar awarded actor Bruce Willis is trying his luck to get hooked up with playboy model Tamara Witmer, who is just five years older than his daughter. What’s wrong with you?

Tamara, who got to know Bruce during several phone tete-a-tete, tells the media that:

He’s got the sexiest voice! He’s so smooth and suave. I don’t mind the bald head. He’s really good looking in person.

I just think that Tamara should be worried about giving the dude ‘Bruce’ a heart attack. The bikini lady is one thing, but he’s 52, seeing Tamara Witmer nude would probably kill him. What do you say Bruce about it?

Via: thesun

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