Church: Haven for scandal-riven stars?

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The church, of all places, seems to be the latest ‘hangout’ for starlets. Don’t look shocked. How else would you explain stars least expected to be found in religious institutions actually being caught in churches by the dozens? And is it just a coincidence that these stars are spotted and snapped there preceded-too closely-by a scandal or notoriety of some kind?

Take for instance Mischa Barton. There is no denying the fact that going to the church doesn’t suit her. I mean, she doesn’t fit into the picture? You know what I mean, right? Now what do we make out of her walking down the steps of Beverly Hills’ Good Shepherd Catholic Church, head bowed, virginal white dress flowing, church brochure in hand? A pretty picture, but doesn’t the fact that she was busted for DUI and drug possession, and that too, two days before Christmas, blur the perfect picture a bit?

The stint in jail on DUI charges seems to have been a calling for Paris Hilton to visit God’s House. We would have loved to believe that ‘she had found a purpose in life beyond partying’, only if she could name a single passage she liked from the Bible. Come on, Paris, how can you not know about the ‘apple’ at least?

A very-covered-up Vanessa Hudgens took refuge to the Almighty. As the cynics would say, it was to collect the pieces of her broken reputation following the nude photographs scandal.

Said Michael Musto, gossip columnist for the Village Voice,

The surest, safest way to try to get out of a scandal is to pull out a Bible and invoke the name of God. In the world of celebrity spin control, this is supposed to instantly confer sanctity and good intentions on you while dissolving all past heathenism.

The question remains, are we being unfair to these stars or are these church-trips really last-ditch effort to haul up sinking careers and demoting images? Is the public going to fall for the ‘pure’ images after seeing their dirty linen? Or have any of these starlets been inspired by Don Imus who met with the Rev. Al Sharpton after his racist and sexist on-air tirade in 2007 and eight months later, got his radio show back?
God knows. Or does He?

Source: ABC News

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