Common Sex Problems in Women

Every woman has a different type of body. Thus their sexual desires and requirement differ from each other. Because of this, their problems related to sex are also different. Some sexual problems are very easily cured where some problems take time and medication. However there is no need for women to panic, as it is better if they are aware of their problems so that they can be treated on time. Some of the most common sexual problems in woman are given after the break.


A large section of the woman population complains about pain and uneasiness during sexual intercourse. This uneasiness is usually caused by penetration or after the women reaches climax. Women frequently suffer from lack of ample lubrication while having sexual intercourse. This might be because of lack of external stimulation or foreplay or physical stress. The region around the vagina constitutes of delicate tissues which tend to rip or suffer tissue rupture if penetration is done without sufficient lubrication.

In order to prevent and reduce the painful penetration, a man should wait the lady has reached a level of comfort and is ready for penetration. Men can use water-based lubricants so that the woman does not feel much pain. These water-based lubricants are easily available in medical shops are easy to use, inexpensive, as well as safe. If the use of ample lubricants does not help her and she still has pain during intercourse, a gynecologist must be seen immediately.


Another problem that women face during sexual intercourse is anxiety and tension. Anxiety and stress frequently destabilizes the hormonal level in the woman’s body leading to a premature orgasm or a failure of sexual intercourse between the partners. Fear and stress in the minds of the woman often wrecks active sex life. Issues such as ill health, molestation cases, sex trauma or sexual abuse and work strain are major reasons for a challenging sex life.

Changes and irregular menstrual cycle in women causes sexual problems too. The region in the lower abdomen usually remains sensitive just after a periodic release every month and this fluctuates from woman to woman. Even sexual intercourse just after menstrual cycle turns out to be quite painful. But this also depends upon every woman’s body.



For women, psychology also plays a very important role during sexual intercourse.  To give her body to a man is not an easy thing. When a woman gives herself to man sexually, it means she is allowing him to penetrate her body, mind, soul and heart as well. If she does not feel loved and secured with her partner, she is bound to have sexual problems.

Medical conditions such as heart diseases, hormonal changes, medicines, neurological problems, child birth, pregnancy and menopause may cause sexual problems. These factors often damage the sexual life of a woman temporarily. Having ovarian cysts or endometriosis causes inflammation in the lower abdomen and pelvis region making sexual experience very painful. This inhibits women from a decent sexual relationship.

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