Condemning condoms!

I do not know how to react when religious leaders of all hues look down upon contraceptives and sex education in the land of Khajuraho and Kamsutra. Being officially celibates, they are free from the burden of families and do not know what it is to bring up child. (Should earnestly listen to the first couple of Bihar, Mr and Mrs Prasad).

The opposition is in the name of interfering with the laws of nature. I feel they themselves are the first offenders on this count by taking the vows of celibacy. If everyone follows them then, the world will come to an end in no time.

Taking their advice earnestly will lead to doing away with hospitals, medicines and schools also dams, roads etc. In short let us go back to prehistoric age. Even fire is taboo as it obstructs night and winter so also clothes. So, let us convert the world in to a beautiful nudist colony.

Apart from unwanted pregnancies, condoms check AIDS and other sexual diseases. Sex education makes a child know the consequences of unprotected sex in a structured and scientific manner. I am sure a great disservice to mankind is being done by such baseless propaganda.

Readers please do share your views, especially counter ones.

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