Creative Décor Ideas for Wild Intimacy

Wine and candles have become cliché and can be the most boring way to surprise your partner. So, have balloons and bubbles. However, having sex in the same room all the time can be just as boring. Then, what should one do? Try new positions? Well, there’s more to sex than just that.

Intercourse is an important part of any relationship. It is what keeps the sparks alive. Therefore, here are some crazy, out of the box and creative ideas that will help you improvise your intimacy! After all, a wild sex life is a healthy way to live!

Hang Eatables Off the Roof – Literally Wild!


This can give a full-on jungle vibe with which you can have fun and laugh while also having sex. You can hang a bunch of grapes, a few bananas or chocolates. Tie your partner’s hands behind their back and make them eat those hanging fruits with just their mouth while you pleasure them. Watch them fail miserably and while the two of you laugh at it, it will ignite a spark so sensual and you’ll have a wild time because it will lead to intense and meaningful sex. Why not try and have standing sex under these eatables?

The ‘X’ Alphabet

The ‘X’ Alphabet

Either you can have this custom made or it is available at upmarket shops. There is a singular handcuff on all four ends of the ‘X’. Thus, the submissive one between the two of you can attach themselves to the alphabet and the other person can have a hell of a time giving pleasure. It doesn’t get wilder than this. Since the person attached to the ‘X’ can hardly move, the endorphin release is intensified for the both of you. Enjoy the experience and the thrill of this! Who knew the letter ‘X’ would come in handy in such a way!

The Alcohol Shower

The Alcohol Shower

If you have been with each other for a very long time, shower sex can get incredibly boring. It is ideal to change things up in the bathroom too! How about add alcohol in the shower tank and have a wildtime bathing in it. This is something that isn’t ideal for everyone though. Only those who can afford such levels of fancy should try this. For, you’ll need a good amount of alcohol to fill the tank and an equally good amount of water to clean it up later. However, if you can afford it, enjoy drinking it off the shower and licking it off each other whilst in the shower! It is going to be a lot of fun!

Beer Bath

couple enjoying Beer Bath

This is not that uncommon or unheard of. In fact, if you cannot afford the alcohol shower, a beer bath might be the best alternative for you. It is easy to make a bubble bath consisting of beer and it simply adds to the aura of bathtub sex. One could say, this is a milder version of the alcohol shower that not everyone can have. If you’re not a beer person, then you can also make it a wine or champagne bath. However, it is ideal to have a glass of wine while you are having that beer bath with your partner.

Spice it up on the Kitchen Platform or the Bathroom Floor with Grip Gloves

cleaner gloves for hand job

Again, simply doing it on the bathroom floor or kitchen counter may not be as fun anymore. What you can do is use grip gloves or cleaner gloves. It is ideal if the woman wears these gloves and gives her partner a nice, satisfying, calorie-burning hand job. The sensation that the grip’s dots and the cleaning bristles create, will give you an extremely intense orgasm.

Edible Sex Toys

Edible Sex Toys

From edible underwear to edible condoms, everything is available in the market these days. Not only these, there are edible bras, perfumes, handcuffs, playpens and men’s pouches and underwear. These are more than enough for both you and your partner to enjoy and have a good time. You could make your body a part of the décor and your partner can cause the destruction and mayhem that only such intimate gesture can create! Who knew food could be so much fun!

Lastly and most importantly, these ideas are overt and not everyone might be comfortable with them. You can either water them down or think of other simpler things to satisfy each other!

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