Dating a Sexologist

You might have dated many women in your life, but dating a sexologist is completely different experience. People who have had the experience of having sex with a sexologist share different views. The best advantage of making love to a sexologist is that you feel like having a sex teacher in the bed to help you out with everything related to sex.

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The best part of dating a sexologist it that you can always speak freely about your inner desires and the positions you might wish to try. Being a sexologist, he/she is aware of all the aspects of the sex positions and is the best person to guide you through the intercourse. If you are dating a female sexologist, she is would be like a biology teacher in the bed. She will teach you everything and terminology about the sex so that you say the terminology correct instead of using the generic terms.

People may feel that dating or being with a sexologist is like living a different life, but trust me, they are also like a normal couple. Though they share topics of sex more frequently and the sexologist teaches his/her partner more about the sex, they make love to each other like normal couples at the end of the day. Dating a sexologist is not a big issue at all. Instead, it will enhance your sexual life.

 sexologist are very open in topics related to sex

If your female partner is a sexologist, she would be very open in topics related to sex, which could create problem at times when she is frequently discussing these topics about sex with other men. Such things should be private between the partners, but since being a sexologist, it is her job to discuss these things more openly with other people. Therefore, if you are very possessive about sex and your woman, you should avoid dating a sexologist.

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