Different kinds of sex women must try before settling

Sex is treated as a forbidden fruit since eons. Especially women since ages were subjected to sexual domination by the male oriented society. However, now the females have learnt to assert their sexuality to good effect. They are breaking the ice and exploring new vistas in the quest of great sex.  Here I intend to impart you some, off the mill sexual experience that you can resort to and have that blissful sex.

Anal Sex

I must recommend that, all the women should try Anal Sex before settling down. It gives you the feeling of doing sex in a different way. You can try it with fingering yourself, inserting a sex toy or best of all, insert a penis of the person who is intimate to you. However, be choosy about the man you decide to have anal sex with and always prefer a sensible man, who can stop thrusting when it becomes uncomfortable to you. Find it for yourself that is it painful or enchanting, or you will miss something. Do not forget to use a good lubricant just before you attempt an anal sex.


Sex with a man of different age group

If sex with someone of the same age group does not excites you too much, then switch to a partner who is altogether from a different age group. It will give you a sexual thrill and a different sex experience. If you are having sex with someone who is older to you, then rest sure you will learn something from his experience. Nevertheless, the person is younger and a novice in the art of lovemaking then you will guide him to an orgasm of a lifetime.


Sex with the stranger

When having sex with a stranger you can realize yourself. Feeling a stranger gives you a distinct feeling. He comes with “no strings attached” tag and you can simply turn your back on him if he is not good. Nevertheless, maintain some precaution while having an intercourse with a stranger, as you are not sure that he carries an infection or any STD.


Size does matter Sex

You must have admired that bigger the size of the penis, the bigger the magnitude of pleasure. It is advisable to figure it out yourself that does size matters or not. Firsthand experience would help you dispel the myth that rules your sex fantasy. So, go for it.


Lesbian Sex

You can fall back to sex with another female if she feels comfortable with it. Kissing her, caressing her, feeling her intimate parts would give another dimension to your sexual pleasure. Do not bother that you feel you are straight and lesbian sex is not meant for you. Try it out, before you settle down.


You must try something new to avoid stagnation in your sex life. I would give you being there, done that feeling, for sure.

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