Eight ways to get your sex life going after a dry spell

Have you been going through a dry spell for a while? Has it been a while since you’ve had a steady partner and you’re wondering if your sex skills are going obsolete? Well, you might want to try the following tips to get your sex life going again.

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1. Give up porn

If you haven’t had sex in a while, chances are that you’ve gotten hooked to watching porn to keep your animal urges satisfied. However, watching porn and living in fantasy world won’t motivate you to go out there and get a (sex) life.

2. Work on your looks

Looking great gives you a confidence boost which as we all know is very attractive. If you have been struck in a rut for a while, you should try trying on new styles of clothes, changing your hairstyle and accessories. Even with your old routine, it might help someone to see you in a special light.

3. Keep your fitness up

Having been out of the sex scene for a while means that you would be a bit out of practice. Being a strenuous activity, it takes stamina and strength, a lack of which could leave you high and dry whenever you get back into the sack. However, working out during a dry spell can keep you in fighting shape and ensure that your performance doesn’t suffer despite a long dry spell.

Hanging around bars and in the dark corners

4. Dance it out

Hanging around bars and in the dark corners of clubs wouldn’t get you noticed too much. If you’re getting out with your pals during your dry spell, hitting the dance floor would give you a better chance of finding someone special who might want to see more of your moves. Plus, dancing actually counts as a legitimate workout too.

5. Try blind dates

If you have been out of the dating scene a bit and your hormones are beginning to take control of your brain and speech, a blind date might help you let some steam off with fewer repercussions. Plus it keeps your social skills sharp without the pressure of taking things too far or seriously.

6. Keep yourself presentable

When one is getting any action, one tends to get stuck in a place where grooming doesn’t seem so important. However, it is during a dry spell when keeping yourself becomes absolutely crucial. Keep up with your regular salon grooming sessions. You can also try new things as there is less pressure on you to get naked in front of a partner if something goes wrong.

7. Read up

Even if you have been have been in the sex game for ages, you might have some basics wrong. Take your dry spell as a chance to get your basic facts right.

8. Increase your sexual knowledge

If you have been out of the game for a while, you might not know what the latest in vogue moves are. Keep your sexual knowledge updated via blogs and magazines.

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