Enhance your sex appeal with a well-defined body

Studies and research clearly indicate that men are more attracted to women who have .70 waist to hip ratio. Although this may not be your standard 36 – 24- 26 measurements since that is purely based on what the man is looking out for.

Some men prefer women with larger bodies while some prefer the typical hourglass figure. Usually, it isn’t the size of the body that attracts men; but instead they get attracted to the waist to hip ratio.

So why is this ratio so important?

As per research, the reason behind the importance of the waist to hip ratio is based on the fertility of a woman. Along with that, even the body posture contributes towards how men look at you. Two main factors contribute towards your sex appeal

  • The first is your body shape
  • The second is the body posture.

Men love women who can carry themselves very well


It is not just about having a good haircut or wearing nice clothes; it is also about how you have the ability to attract someone to you. Factors like the way you talk, your body language and the ability to carry yourself and to be comfortable with who you are, are also important.

It’s all about your sex appeal and body

If you are just getting started on the dating front, it is very important for you to ensure that you strike the right cords. As much as it is important to be your natural self, even your looks equally play a vital role. If you have a bad language or posture, it can look very ugly and send out the wrong signal. Luckily, you can easily improve your posture with posture braces. This will also help you to look more confident.

Achieving a good body shape is important

good body shape

In order to enhance your sex appeal, you need to ensure that you have to work towards your overall body figure. If you are trying to reduce weight then you can consider waist trimmers for a defined shapeWhen you are working out, you can boost your weight loss regimes by using waist trimmers. This is because they are designed to help you sweat the extra fat and water out of your body.

The connection between your posture and sex appeal

Even an oversized woman has the ability to attract men if she is confident. Your body posture plays a vital role when you meet people. As per studies, women who have the right posture know the positive and negative aspects of their body. The reason why a woman can still attract a man towards her is that with the right posture she can highlight the attractive sides of her body and divert the attention from unwanted areas.

A well-defined body does not mean that you have to have curves. It is all about the hip to waist ratio that attracts them.  This is what helps you to define your sex appeal. Weather it is lust or love, the main reason why a man may even be attracted to a woman is because of her sex appeal. This magnet has the ability to attract a man and creates the bonding that you look out for.

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