Erection innovation is offering both mental and physical satisfaction

Sexual problems as major as erectile dysfunction and small penis size are being supplemented and cured with the help of splendid number of erection innovations. From penis enlargement operations to wearables that enhance the size of penis, men are more open to trying newer yet safer options for enjoying a more thrilling sex life.

 erectile dysfunction

Lewd TV commercials, men’s magazines and billboards with David Beckham in briefs cause more trauma regarding the size of penis in men than we comprehend. The erection innovations are offering amply exciting solution for them.

Penis enlargement operations

 Penis enlargement operations

In the last five years, the number of men who have undergone penis enlargement operation has increased surprisingly. Men want to have larger penis which helps them feel more confident in bed and derive more satisfaction from intercourse. That’s why they are not happy with just a longer penis but also want more girth.

Plastic surgeons are using innovative techniques like extracting fat from the patient’s abdomen and injecting it under the skin of penis to enhance its circumference. Suspensory ligament is also being placed surgically for holding a longer erection. Penis enhancement operations can take more than an hour depending on the complexity and the demands of the patients.

Priapus Shot or P-shot for penis enhancement

 blood flow

Another increasingly popular method of improving the size of the penis and making the erection last longer includes Priapus Shots, named after the fertility god of the Greeks. It claims to help in increasing the size of penis by at least 10%.

In this method, platelet rich plasma or PRP has to be extracted from the blood of the patient and then injected into his penis. The patient also has to use penis pump for the success of the procedure. The plasma is believed to promote new blood vessels to grow in the penis thus improving blood flow and helping in better erection.

Nanoparticle delivery systems

 Nanoparticle delivery systems

The nanoparticles are evolved by scientists to hold biologically active materials. They hold the ED medications for helping the users achieve a stronger erection. Nanoparticles are being used to make gels which can directly be applied on the skin of the penis and help in achieving an erection. This way the ED medication reaches its target organ without affecting the other organs of the body.

Not just the men who have ED but also healthy men with a low confidence level are opting for different innovative methods for enhancing the size and shape of their penis. Both surgical and non-surgical procedures are being opted for the sake of a better looking and better performing penis.

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