Experts recognize sex addiction as a real life problem

Sex addiction is not a myth or a joke. It is a real life problem, recognized by expert psychiatrists. Sex addiction is often also referred to as hypersexuality, sexual addiction, hypersexual disorder and compulsive sexual behavior. Some people mistakenly believe that only Hollywood celebrities suffer from this sort of psychological problems.


Sex addiction has nothing to do with stardom. It can occur to anyone. People affected by this type of disorder are unable to perform their daily tasks normally and cannot control their sexual urges very well. Philanderers may have used it as an excuse but many people have suffered from the negative effects of this life altering addiction.

Researchers of UCLA have been working hard to find out if sexual addiction can be termed as a mental disorder and how it can be controlled. Psychologists and researchers have decided to include sex addiction formally as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Rory Reid is one of the research psychologists working on finding out the symptoms of sexual addiction.


Different people have different levels of libido. Some people enjoy sex more than others do. There are also people who are promiscuous by nature and cannot help themselves.

These people are not sex addicts though they may be having a lot more orgasms, if compared to their contemporaries. Rory Reid says that determining if a person is really a sex addict is difficult. This is because all people love sex and we cannot label someone as an addict just because they have high libido.

Sexual addicts are people who use sex as a drug. They are not able to function normally like others. Every individual has to go through patchy times, when he/she does not get sex for some reason or other. The sex addicts cannot cope with lack of sex. They get motivation to work and perform daily tasks or act normally from sex.

When sex starts to become an impediment and stops an individual from concentrating on work and other priorities then that person can be considered to be a sex addicts. The addicts have sex to control their stress levels. Just like drug addicts, they too are unable to function when they do not get their dosage of sexual satisfaction.


Sexual addiction can be disastrous for an individual. It can ruin his or her career and family life. Their dependency on sex knows no bounds and they need the help of expert psychologists.

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