Factors affecting healthy sex life of seniors

There is a general misconception regarding age and sex. Aging does not rob you off your sexual desire completely. Even after 50, you can enjoy a healthy and regular sex life. Most people have sexual desires in their 80s. A good, regular sex life can help you feel confident and happy. It boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel emotionally connected with your partner. Fitness Every aged couple should indulge in sex regularly to feel more relaxed and enjoy their togetherness. With time and age, your sexual needs and prowess will definitely change. You can counter low sex drive and other issues related with a healthy, normal sex life by proper care and treatments. Do not just think about yourself but also consider the physical and psychological changes that your partner or spouse is going through. The key to a healthy sex life is communication. Discuss the sexual health issues with your partner and let them know that they have your support. With age sex becomes a way of connection with your partner and not just physical gratification. Both men and women need to have sufficient testosterone in their system for feeling sexually aroused. It is the main hormone related with sex. If you find yourself or your partner lacking interest in sex, get a checkup done to see if the testosterone level is normal. 2275900255_044bdfcfb7_z Aging alters your body and bones become feebler. Chronic diseases may be responsible for the lack of sex drive. Physical changes can prevent you from enjoying sex the way you used to. Instead of losing hope try new sex positions, search the internet and be ready to experiment. After menopause, the estrogen level in a woman’s body suddenly decreases. Such a big change causes a lack of libido and makes them feel depressed. The vagina starts getting dryer and many women complain that sex is painful after menopause. Using lubricants can help in sorting out this issue. Water based lubricants and a regular sex life will help you feel more flexible and reduce the pain. Men should keep fit and maintain a healthy life style to prolong their sex life. In case of erectile dysfunction and problem with ejaculation, you should consult a doctor and take proper therapies.]]>

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