Famous Hot Stars of Indian Origin

With Sunny Leone’s pompous entrance into Bollywood, one thing which has stuck people’s mind is the fact that, ‘Porn Stars’ can also become a part of Bollywood now. Sunny Leone’s delightful persona and glamorous appeal, wooed away people’s attention in the television series ‘Big Boss’. The lady is expected to be seen in a Bollywood commercial film, produced by a niche production house. With this start, the chances of other porn stars of Indian origin coming into the commercial cinema has increased, lending an acceptance mark along with the high “Fame” quotient.

Brought down is a list of some ladies from the porn industry, who are ready to enter Bollywood with a storm.

Priya Anjali Rai

Famously known as Priya Rai Anjali or Rira Raid or Priya Anjali Rai, this lady has got seductive appeal along with a toned voluptuous body. The bombshell moved to US at the age of two and spent her time doing her studies in Arizona State University. With studies, she also did modeling for fashion and swimwear. She was a trained dancer for 12 years, before she moved to pornography as a full time career. She even won an AVN award for her best performance in a ‘Best all group sex scene’. She even has her own official site on the web.


Gaya Patal

This Canada based sassy porn star looks fascinating and attractive with her impeccable style and assets. The model-turned-porn star has worked with various production companies in her pornographic career. Although, there is less of information available about her on the web but the lady has got her official site on the internet for her fans.

Sunny Leone

Born with the name of Karen Malhotra this young and vivacious porn star has marked her entry even in India with her “girl next door’’ looks and appeal. She was raised as a Sikh and was enrolled in a catholic school. She started her career with a pet house magazine and was named ‘pet of the month’ once and pet of the year afterwards. Then she signed a contract with vivid entertainment and continued her career in production and started her own production co. in collaboration with a partner. Leone was given various awards for her performances and appearances in films and magazines.


Anjali kara

Born in UK, this seductive and sassy porn star has all the assets to despair a person completely. She is Indian by her origin and is famous for her Nude model acts and petite body structure. She has occasionally worked in American films as well. She keeps the video dairy of all her sexual exploits on her official website. Her main asset is her ‘exotic’ appeal.


Nadia Nyce

A U.K based porn star, Nadia Nyce, is among the few erotic performers from Indian origin. She has a West Yorkshire accent to add gleam to her personality. Her first video was shot on Oct 31, 1995. She mostly performed her acts with female counterparts, quoted by a producer. She was present in the industry for a shorter period of time and this came as a shock for all her fans and followers. She moved out of the industry in 2002 and got married and settled in England. Her producers even mailed her to come back to Porn but she declined the proposal.

Destiny Deville

She changed her name to Destiny Deville before entering the adult entertainment business.

Born on 3 Apr 1985 in England, this tall Indian girl made several movies with a variety of British studios including Chick Flick by Ron Sullivan where she has her first anal scene, a rarity in UK porn.

In 2005 she decided to move out of the adult entertainment industry, now she is back into business.

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