Figuring the relation between penis size and the woman’s pleasure

Many women worry about the shape and size of their breasts as this is the most visible and attention drawing sex organ. In the same way men worry about the size of their penis and sexual performance.

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There has been a huge debate on the relationship between female orgasm and the size of penis. Can longer penis really help women reach orgasm faster? How the varying size of penis can affect a woman’s pleasure levels? Not all women have sufficient experience to answer these questions. Men can master techniques of pleasuring women irrespective of the size of their penis.

How size really matters?

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Different women have different physical expectations from their partners. The level of sexual satisfaction and desires vary from women to women. Some women may prefer longer penis but petite and thin women may not want to be hammered by one. Some women also complain about sex being painful with a man who has longer and thicker penis.

Researcher of female sexual responses, Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University, believes that women who orgasm through vaginal stimulation may be fond of a longer penis as it helps them to reach orgasm faster. Women who enjoy clitoral orgasms may be more inclined to have sex with men who have smaller penis. The preference will vary with experience.

How men with smaller penis can satisfy their partners?

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Men with smaller penis need not suffer from performance anxiety. With a few tricks up your sleeves, you can easily satisfy your lady love completely on bed. The average penis is not longer than 5.5-6 inches. Some particular sex positions can help you in penetrating her deeper. Engage in foreplay for a longer period of time. Tickle and arouse her through all her erogenous zones.

Doggie style or taking her from behind will increase the chances of a deeper penetration. Ask her to rest her elbows and head on soft pillows while her back is arched. Open your legs wide while penetrating her. You can also try the snake sex position. Ask your lady to lie on her belly and place a pillow beneath the genitals for raising it. Her thighs should remain closed. Enter her by placing yourself just behind her genitalia. You can also do it by kneeling while she sits on the edge of the bed. Find out the sex pose which suits you both the most.

Men with longer penis should be gentle

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Most of the nerve endings are near the vaginal opening and labia. If your penis is too long then you may miss the nerve endings and end up hurting the female more than pleasuring her. Go slow in the beginning and try different foreplay techniques for arousing her. Enter her when the vagina becomes wet. This way it will hurt her less.

The mating techniques matter most than the size of penis. A man should try to understand what his lady wants in bed. Try different sex poses for reaching a mind blowing orgasm every time.

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