Five Asian countries on the top list of sex tourists

Sex tourism is a thriving industry. People go to various places in order to have physical relationship with native people in lieu of money or other material gain. Many places have become favorite spot for sex tourists. The reasons can be many. At many places due to poverty, there is large availability of prostitutes. In many countries, the law enforcement authority is lax and looks the other way. Many places have good night life, and scenic beauty, which is the added attraction for these tourists. Here we look at five Asian countries, which are favorite destination for sex tourists:


Situated in the southwestern part of Indochina peninsula, Combodia has had a difficult time for half of the last millennium, colonized , plundered and bombed by various countries, and has also suffered horrors of civil wars. Sex tourism is thriving here, and is considered one of the largest in the world. Prostitution is illegal in Combodia, but about 15,000 prostitutes work illegally in capital Phnom Penh alone. Combodian authorities turn a blind eye to prostitution. Homosexuality is legal in Combodia, and sees a number of gay and lesbian sex tourists.

The legal age of consent in Combodia is 15 years. Unfortunately, child sex tourism is also prevalent here, and sees a number of pedophiles seeking sex with underage boys and girls. The Combodian government with the help of international agencies is trying to combat this problem. A person found to have sex with a child can get you up to 30 years of imprisonment in Combodia, and possibly in your own country under the international laws. The most popular districts for sex tourists are Tuol Kok in Phnom Penh, and Svay Pak district.

About 40-50 percent of prostitutes in Cambodia are HIV positive, and also infected with many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. It is advised to carry condom with you, as it may not be readily available at brothels.


China is the largest and a fast developing country of the world. It has seen a large number of tourists in last few years, and sex tourism is booming. The accommodation, food, and other services are a lot cheaper than in most of the western countries.

Prostitution is illegal here, but is not properly regulated by the authorities. The country is tolerant towards homosexuality, though it is not highly tolerated in rural China. Cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, have large gay scenes.


The main red light districts of China are Dashilan in Beijing, Simalu in Shanghai, and Portland Street in Hong Kong. In smaller cities, strip clubs, karaoke bars, massage parlors double up as brothels, though not evidently.

The age of consent in Mainland China is 14 for both homo and heterosexuals, and 16 in Hong Kong for heterosexuals, but 21 for homosexuals. There are some additional laws that you should research properly. Having sex with minor will get you up to life imprisonment.HIV/AIDS is prevalent among the prostitutes, so it is better to take precautions.


Japanese sex tours are well organized and hence, they have become hugely popular for tourists from all around the world. Japan is liberal and tolerant towards sex. The people here are friendly and beautiful. There is an infrastructure in place to satisfy all kinds of sex tourists.

Homosexuality is legal in Japan. Gay tourism industry in Japan is worth billions every year. Prostitution is illegal in Japan, but prostitutes find many loopholes to operate. Capital Tokyo is regarded to offer high-class prostitution services, and a large number of customers keep coming back here.

There are many sex tour agencies, which organize sex tours and operate through internet in English as well as Japanese. You can organize your own tour too.


Korea has a relaxed attitude toward sex and sex tourism industry. In fact there is a sex theme park called Jeju Loveland on Cheju Island.

Prostitution is illegal in Korea, and red-light districts have declined due to government intervention. Korea’s sex tourism is mostly based around hostess bar and salons, where the tourists meet the women, but they have sex either in hotel or at home. Amongst the few red light districts, the Dongducheon red light district and Stanleyville are popular destinations. The women generally work in sophisticated settings, and sex tourism industry is not very cheap, but is still significantly cheaper than many places in USA.

The legal age of consent is 13 years, and having sex with children is illegal. Sex industry in Korea is well organized, and many sex tour agencies can be found on internet.


Thailand is considered as the sex capital of the world. A wide range of services is available at low cost. Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok is the top sex tourist destination. Pattaya city is considered as the fun capital of Thailand. It has huge range of nightlife and entertainment. It is a haven for sex tourists. People can visit massage parlors, strip clubs, beer bars and of course brothels.

The girls working in sex industry must be above 18, and it is illegal to have sex with children.

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