Five mistakes that ruin sex for your partner

They say bad sex is better than having no sex at all. However, a few mistakes that even the best of us make are surefire mood killers for our partners. Here are the top five mistakes that ruin sex for one’s partner and how you can avoid them.

Falling asleep or yawning

1. Falling asleep or yawning

Having your partner fall asleep or yawn during the lovemaking act has got to be the biggest turnoff ever. Not only does it leave one high and dry, it also makes them feel inadequate as lovers which of course does no favors to your sex life as a couple in the long run.

The solution

If you’re really tired, tell your partner so before you start to fool around. However, if you too want to go ahead with it, make an effort to down a quick cup of coffee, eat a bite of chocolate or even wash your face before you give your partner the “come hither” look.

2. Yapping in bed

For most couples, there’s only so much time in a day when they can really talk. A lot of people tend to continue to talk even while they are doing the deed which can be very bugging for the other partner. Even when it’s dirty talk, too much of it can hamper the flow of things for the listener.

Limit dirty talk to foreplay

The solution

Limit dirty talk to foreplay and the occasional instruction/request during nooky. If the talk is about something other than sex, save it for the next morning or afterglow.

3. Making too much noise

Making noise during sex is generally considered an indication that one is enjoying their partner’s moves. However, too much of it can seem insincere and more like an act which could shake your partner’s confidence.

The solution

If you’re into making noises during sex, try to keep the volume down. You’d be surprised how impactful soft purrs are in comparison to louder screams.

Talking about your ex

4. Talking about your ex

Unless the mention of your ex turns your new partner on, talking about people that you have done it with in the past really ruins the experience for your current flame.

The solution

Refrain from talking about your ex during sex with your current partner. PERIOD.

5. Whining and making random comments

Whining and making random comments during sex tells your partner that whatever they’re doing isn’t working for you. If you’re not enjoying the deed, you shouldn’t feel forced to participate in it. Just lying there whining about what your partner is doing wrong or telling them how bad your day in the office was is unacceptable. When you tell your partner that your colleague Jenny from accounting is having a zit on her nose, it hardly makes her any difference while she’s with you in bed.

The solution

If your partner’s moves are making you enjoy the hook up, you need to a) take charge yourself and do what works for you or b) tell them what you want done to you nicely.

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