Foreplay ideas to arouse the woman and keep her in bliss

The pre-coital massage:

The pre-coital massage

Suppose you are sitting with your lady in the bed, snuggling and you both know that things will soon lead to hot and steamy sex, then slide your hand up the length of her legs and massage her calves and thighs. You may even start from the feet as women love to get foot massages. The pressure should be medium, neither too hard nor too gentle. This is like a warm up routine that shows how much you appreciate and adore her. Neck massages are also great for arousing a woman and making her crave you.

Give attention to the uncommon erogenous zones:

Give attention to the uncommon erogenous zones

The breasts, lips, and vagina are the most common places that men aim for. After a few times a woman starts feeling bored with this type of boring approach. Break the monotony by showering some other parts of her with your attention and love. Start by running your hands on her hair. Flicker your hands through her hair when she rests her head on your shoulder. Then give her shoulders gentle and warm rub. Take things further by kissing first her eyelids and then her lips. Such romantic yet erotic gestures will not only earn you brownie points but also help you make her open up.

Communicate with her:

Communicate with her

You can communicate while having sex or after but communication should be a part of your sex life as it helps a woman open up, giggle and leave her inhibitions behind. Don’t limit sexual communication to asking her how she liked it but also tell her to guide you during love making. Moaning with your ladylove is another way to excite her and making her feel adored.

Try to read her more:

when you are kissing

Even silence can be enlightening if you listen close. See how she reacts when you are kissing or sucking a particular area and do the good thing a little more. You should not limit your love to a certain body part that you like. Lovemaking is about making her feel your love all over. The pelvis and naval are two uncommon and often overlooked erogenous zones of women. Kissing and sucking her naval and trailing the way up and down with your tongue will definitely make her melt. Rub your face on her thighs, whisper in her ears and keep on moving from one spot to another. She should know that you are not aiming for sex and the foreplay moves are done by heart. Do not fake or else she will not be aroused.

Take your time to undress:


Make the undressing session more thrilling by doing new things to her as you take off one piece of clothing after another. For example, after removing her top kiss and suck her collarbones. After removing the bra kiss her back first while kneading her breasts with your hands. When you remove her pants, start gently by kissing the panty line. The idea is to make her adored and cherished before you both have intercourse.

Sex is not just about reaching orgasmic fulfilment. It is also about enjoying togetherness and touching each other. Right foreplay moves can turn your woman on every time you wish to arouse her. 

Make foreplay more exciting with the addition of games and tricks

foreplay is an integral part of sex

As you have probably heard many times, foreplay is an integral part of sex. Initially when you both are dying to have sex and rip the clothes off each other, foreplay is short and steamy. As you get used to the intimacy the same foreplay techniques make you feel bored. It is necessary for couples to spice things up and change the methods of foreplay every now and then. Luckily there are hosts of ways to excite your partner and make them crave you just like the initial days of your affair.

Her sexy back

Her sexy back

The next date night when she wears a sexy dress, pay her back side more attention than her front. Most men focus only on grabbing the breasts and forget the other erogenous zones in a woman’s body. Chances are high that she is probably very tired of your same, old foreplay technique. Flip her and get your hands around her waist. Kiss and tickle her neck with your lips and tongue. Let your tongue run down her spine till it reaches the tailbone. Flip her again now to adore her front but massage the back while you are at it.

Play a game

dirty bedroom game

You can devise your own dirty bedroom game for making sex more fun. First One to Break is a popular foreplay game that makes partners bring out their best sexual moves. To play this game both of you have to be in your undergarments. Try to tickle your partner and massage them at places they love it the most. Both of you have to physically stimulate each other until one gives up. This is a competitive, sensual and funny game which will definitely make you both playful and happy.

Hands off the limit

foreplay techniques

Many times partners complain that the foreplay techniques of their husbands or wives are stale. Well, if you really want to spice things up then play hands off limit. Keep your hands in the back and use only your lips and tongue for foreplay. Hold an ice cube in your mouth and drop it in a bowl after 30-45 seconds. This will make your tongue and lips cold and more sensual.

Movie Theatre magic

Movie Theatre magic

Remember holding hands in the theatre and making your hormones dance? Do the same again. Massage his penis above the trousers and cosy up to him. All these amorous naughtiness will be rewarded later on.

There are several out of the ordinary ways of spicing up your sex life. Use different foreplay methods to excite your partner and make them realize how lucky they are to have you once again.

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