Ideas to last longer in bed

Do you feel that your sex life has suddenly become dull and boring? Are you tired of losing control even before you have reached orgasm? Would you like to know some sex positions, which would help you to stay erect for a longer period so that you can satisfy your woman longer and can control your orgasm as well? Delayed climax helps both men and women to enjoy their sex fully. Here are some positions, which can help you in accomplishing your mission of a good night in bed.

The missionary position

The missionary positionThe missionary position is one of the most common positions performed by couples in bed. This position helps in delayed climax and allows the penis to be fully thrusted into the vagina for complete satisfaction. Since this is the guy on top position, he can insert his penis deep into the vagina and then move back and forth. Both of you feel the skin touching each other. Your partner can also caress your breast and suck them. The best part is as soon as your partner reaches climax and feels that he needs to ejaculate, he can take out the penis and wait for some time until he thinks it is ok to put it in again. This is one of the long lasting positions which you can try out for a great passionate night.

The face me position

The face me positionAnother great position that would help men to hold their climax for a longer time is the face me position where you need to sit into each other. The guy needs to sit with folded legs and the girl needs to sit the same way, widening her legs for smooth insertion of the penis. In this position, the guy can see the whole of his partner’s body, and can also press and suck her breast and caress them as well. The girl can caress her partner’s hair, smooch him and lick his nipples. Once the guy has adequate control of his penis, the girl can move to and fro for friction between the penis and the vagina.

The front to back position

This position is best for morning sex. Here, the girl lies with her back facing the man. Lift up one of the girls legs and smoothly insert yourself inside the girl’s vagina. Initially the position will seem difficult, however once your adjust yourself; you will begin to feel comfortable. Apply some gel in the vagina for smooth insertion. You can also fondle her breasts for maximum pleasure. This is a great position for delayed climax.

Woman on top position

 woman-on-top-enjoying-sexIn this position, since the woman is on top, the guy automatically can control his climax for a longer period of time. With the woman on top, she can smoothly insert the man’s erect penis inside her and then move back and forth, moving the penis in the process. The man can also have a good look at his woman’s breasts bouncing up and down, and reach orgasm. This is a great position for both guys as well as girls as both can feel each other deeply inside.

Any position is a great position, provided that your man can control his orgasm for a longer period of time, resulting in greater and long lasting satisfaction.

Kama Sutra describes one of the easiest yet very effective methods that can help men enjoy sex for a longer period of time and hold their erection for around 15-20 minutes at the least. In this technique, men are advised to start slow with only one thrust per 3 seconds. After 5 minutes of slow and gentle thrusting, they should increase the pace slowly so that the thrust rate becomes one per second. As soon as the man feels that he is nearing ejaculation he should stop inside the woman and take deep breaths to control the ejaculation and then repeat the entire process again. This will also help in building their confidence level slowly. Men with ejaculation problems should never shy away from intercourse as practice alone can assist them in perfecting the art of love making.

Regular exercising, physical fitness and hygiene can make a man think positive and boost their confidence. Negative thoughts and stress are two of the major reasons behind premature ejaculation problem. Proper breathing techniques and meditation can help men in changing the game.

Another easy technique of holding back the ejaculation is taking the penis out just before reaching orgasm and giving an erotic massage to the labia area with the penis head. This usually makes women squirm with pleasure and delight. Making the partner happy also gives a positive energy to the man for performing with confidence. The PC muscle or pubococcygeus muscle is responsible for ejaculation in men. While peeing stop the flow and see which muscle you need to constrict for this purpose. Exercising this muscle daily can help men last longer and get a better grip on things.

There are many easy methods of lasting longer in bed. One needs to recognize the problem and be determined to face it. Exercising the exact muscles responsible for ejaculation is one of the most beneficial techniques.

Here are some secrets for making erections last longer

There are some tried and tested methods in which any man can enhance his sexual prowess and last for a longer time. Modern lifestyle is the main culprit that makes it difficult for men to perform well between the sheets. Slight changes in your lifestyle will help you satisfy your partner and gain back the confidence. In the following, some of the essential tips for stronger and longer erections have been discussed in the following.

Reduce alcohol consumption:

Reduce-alcohol-consumptionIf you truly want to surprise your woman with your revived sexual prowess then reduce the alcohol consumption. Numerous scientific studies have linked alcohol with erectile dysfunction. Researchers have found that men who drink heavily cannot get an erection easily. A man with healthy drinking habit can get erection and hold it for a longer period of time. Drinking habit can ruin your health, especially the kidneys. This will reflect on your sex life.

Maintain a balanced diet:

Maintain-a-balanced-dietIn today’s world most people eat packaged meals instead of home cooked delicacies. Nobody has time to sit down and have a proper breakfast or lunch. Bad eating habits are naturally taking toll on the health of men. Men who consume too much fatty foods and lack nutrition fail to perform well in bed. They are incapable of satisfying their partner due to erectile dysfunction. Eat healthier fats for example lean meats and sea fishes along with milk, soybeans, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will keep you nourished and reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction due to malnutrition.

Exercise daily: 

Exercise dailyExercising can boost your sex life. First, it will make you slimmer, fitter and more attractive. Physical attraction is synonymous with confidence for every individual. When you know that your partner is impressed by your physique, then performing well will not be a problem. Another benefit of exercising is that it keeps the heart healthy. Heart pumps blood and pushes blood to different organs. A healthy heart will pump blood into the blood vessels down under and help you get an erection faster.

Foreplay fantasy:

ForeplayMen can last longer in bed by prolonging the foreplay. Foreplay teaches you to hold the erection while engaging in different foreplay activities. Take your time to undress your partner and enjoy kissing them. Adore your partner and indulge in oral sex. Also ask your lady to give you oral stimulation. This will help you enjoy sex more. By delaying penetration, you will increase the thrill and the pressure of lasting will also be off your shoulders.

Mental connection:

Mental-connectionIf you feel a strong mental connection with your partner then sex will definitely seem more rewarding. When an individual is connected with their partner, they will feel gratified by their touches and intimate attention. This will reduce the pressure and stress associated with performing well. Sex is not about performance. It is about enjoying togetherness. If you can enjoy togetherness with your partner then sex will be good. The secret of stronger and longer erections is definitely a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. Do not worry too much about your sexual performance and try to focus on enjoying the togetherness.

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