Fun sex tips for those who love wild sex

Unless you try new things you will never know how they make you feel. Sexual pleasure is derived from physical stimulation as well as mental stimulation. A picture, a fragrance or the touch of a fabric can make you feel extremely aroused. Experimenting with new sexual techniques, methods and tricks is the only way of learning more about your true sexual identity. People who treat sex like a tool of minute-long pleasure do not even know what they are missing.


There are many taboos regarding sex that infest our mind. In a lot of places having sex without any clothes on is still a taboo. The importance of foreplay and the vital role that touch plays in increasing sexual pleasure are not known to all. Sex can bring two individuals closer and sometimes it opens the door to the core of your heart. It can take you to new heights of fantasy, excitement, thrill, passion and satisfaction. Stop limiting your bedroom activities to plain and simple vanilla sex and start living your wildest sexual dreams for a happier life.


Do you always have sex just on the bed? It’s probably the right time to try the other areas around your apartment as well. One great way of enjoying wild sex is to do it behind a door, standing up. Put one of your legs on top of a stool and ask your man to insert his erected penis deep inside you in this position.


Another way of enjoying deeper penetration is to put your legs around your man’s neck while you are lying on your back and let him insert his penis standing on the ground beside the bed. Foreplay is a great way of increasing the pleasure of sex. Learn some sexy strip teasing moves from the pros by watching videos and then give a private performance for your man.

Stop being shy about your body and if the extra pounds of fat bothers you so much then join a dance class. Shower sex can be wild too. Do not be reluctant to take your bedroom experiments further and give bondage a try. Let your man bind your hands to the bedpost and have unrestrained sex himself.


Blindfold sex helps you enjoy the touches and caresses a lot more. The trick of enjoying wild sex is to be open minded and relishing every sensation that you come across. Once in a while give a deep throat to your man. After sucking the head of his penis hard, take a deep breath and then take his entire shaft in your mouth. Tell him that you love it when he rubs your clitoris with a single finger in circular motions.


Kinky and wild sex is more enjoyable than the regular vanilla sex you get. Come out of your shell of taboos and experiment with your senses to have the greatest sex of your life.

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