Having more sex enhances the quality of life

Closeup, side view profile, portrait, headshot sad, alone, dark, gloomy, frustrated, stressed middle age woman bending head down, having bad nightmare day. Negative emotion, facial expression feelings Couples who have been ignoring their sex life due to boredom, stress and lack of desire should try to revamp their sex life and enjoy the benefits of regular intercourse. Semen can help in reducing depression A-SS, A-D State University of New York had recently conducted a study in which it had found that the female students who indulged in unprotected sex and came in contact with the semen from their male partner were less depressed. Surprisingly, female students who vouched to always use condoms for enjoying sex had shown more symptoms of depression. Researchers came to this conclusion that some components of the semen may have an anti-depressant effect on the women. This can be true as the semen ejaculated inside the vagina gets partly absorbed in the bloodstream of the female partner. If this is true then giving your men oral stimulation is probably more rewarding than you thought. Improves your physical appearance Happy Caucasian Couple Outdoors Sex is believed to have a beautifying effect on both men and women. Studies show that men and women who have a good sex life tend to exercise more regularly and also take better care of their personal appearance. The efforts probably stem from self love and satisfaction. Sexual activities make the skin more supple and make the face glow. As sex is considered a form of exercise it can help in maintaining a desirable weight. Regular sex makes you confident and improves the balance of hormones in your body thus making you appear younger.

Induces good night’s sleep

Young couple resting in bed. Absolutely no one can look good without a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired at work and ruin your ability to concentrate. Sex can help in inducing sleep by producing oxytocin. When you and your partner reach the climax phase of intercourse oxytocin hormone gets secreted. This hormone helps in making you feel relaxed and sleepy. Sleeping for 6 hours a day can improve your immunity and prolong your life.

Sex is also good at preventing diseases

expressive portrait of woman who has chest pain Sexual intimacy can also help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. When you experience arousal and orgasm your body produces a neurotransmitter Oxytocin. It helps in preventing heart diseases. Scientific study shows that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have lower risk of suffering from prostrate cancer. Regular sexual activity, especially during menstruation can help women in avoiding severe disease like endometriosis. Women, who have sex regularly, even after their menopause, can avoid vaginal atrophy. Regular sex is good for healthy relationships

 exploring bodies

Couples who are in a committed relationship can benefit greatly by having sex regularly. Sexual satisfaction can help you derive emotional satisfaction and the feeling of well being. People who are insecure, depressed and suffering from psychiatric illness can also benefit from regular sex as it helps in reducing stress. Sexual intimacy brings two partners closer and opens channels of communication. Enhanced brain function Young girl thinking with illustrated brain According to the results of the research conducted by a group of scientists from University of Pavia, Italy, people who indulge in regular sex show a quicker development of the cranial nerve. The growth of cranial nerve can make one more alert and enhance their quick thinking abilities. To the delight of couples all over the world, scientists and researchers believe that sex can offer more than just physical pleasure. Having regular sex will enhance brain functions, increase immunity levels and improve personal appearance.]]>

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