Health disorders that can ruin your sex life

Getting a person propose you is not difficult but taking the vows and making a marriage work takes lots of hard work. Marriage changes your sex life in many ways. It gives you the blanket of social security under which you can fornicate without any fears with your partner. This is supposed to be fun unless a sexual disorder crops up and ruins your sex life. Sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction is common.

Survey results show that at least 20% of the male population in the US suffers from erectile dysfunction. Some surprising health disorders and psychological issues can cause erectile dysfunction.

Understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction will help you in solving the problem and enjoying a healthy sex life. Erectile dysfunction is more common in older men than younger ones.


Many couples have a shared friends group. If the wife befriends the cronies of her husband then he starts feeling lonely and insecure. Men like to confide to their male friends and they need space for this. When a wife becomes a part of the friend group they often feel suffocated.

Such feelings of insecurity and space crisis can lead to erectile dysfunction. You have to give space to your husband and let him enjoy some time with just the male friends. Make your own friends group. Spending time separately will only help in rejuvenating your relationship.


Making changes in your daily diet can also help in curing erectile dysfunction or ED. Free radicals are harmful for the internal organs and chemical reactions of our bodies. Free radicals can decrease the production of nitric oxide in our bodies. Nitric oxide can dilute the blood vessels in our bodies and increases blood flow to the penis indirectly.

The ED medications contain nitric oxide for this reason. If you eat enough antioxidants then the free radicals in your body will get destructed. This in turn will increase the level of nitric oxide and help in retaining the erection for a longer period. Consult your physician and check if the medicines you are taking have any harmful side effects on your body. Anti depressants are known to lower the levels of testosterone in a man’s body. Testosterone helps a man to retain his erection for sexual satisfaction.


Some health and lifestyle problems can disrupt your sex life with your husband. Finding out these problems will help you revive your sex life once again.

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