Herbal medicines are the best for testosterone treatment?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which is formed in the testicles. A man’s adulthood is accountable to this hormone. It is because of this hormone, a man’s sexual characteristics such as growth of the pubic hair, intensification of the voice and sperm production takes place. Although testosterone is considered to be as male sex hormone, it is also produced in female ovaries in lesser quantity.


This encourages strong sex life as well as maintains well being of a woman. Numerous diseases like low sex drive, poor erection, impotence, depression, low self esteem, muscle loss, obesity and even diabetes and heart ailments is caused by low production of Testosterone in male. Even when there is low production in women, they also suffer from various diseases. Testosterone production is responsible for sex drive in a male.

It is because of this hormone, muscle increases in male during work-outs. Violent behavior has been noticed when the level of testosterone is high, where as when the level is low, it can also cause anorexia in females, shorter life span in males and heart diseases in both. With the modernization of science, a number of natural and herbal treatments have been discovered to treat the increase or decrease in the testosterone level of males and females. This will help have better sexual life, especially to increase the potency among men. Few of herbal medicines are – Yohimbine, Ginseng, He sho wu and Horny goat weed.



This is an extract taken from a tree called yohimbe. This extract was discovered in Africa where it has several uses. Mainly it is used as an aphrodisiac and for other medicinal purposes. When someone consumes this extract, it takes thirty minutes to react within the body and lasts for two to three hours at a stretch.



It was the people of China who discovered ginseng. It has great qualities. It has been discovered that ginseng helps in increasing the liveliness, stamina and longevity in both men and women. Physicians recommend man and women above the age of forty to consume ginseng everyday for better sexual life.


He sho wu

This medicine has different name in North America. It is known by as ho shou wu and fo-ti. This is also found in China and is exported to different parts of the world. This medicine helps in increasing the level of testosterone. He sho wu is the most common form of herb used in China to increase the level of testosterone. It is also believed that it can boost vitality, energy, longevity and fertility of men and women. 


Horny goat weed

The name itself suggests potency. Horny goat weed increases the level of testosterone and maintains thyroid production. This can be consumed by being sprinkled on food. It is considered to be the best herbal medicine for the production of testosterone than the costly and dangerous testosterone therapies. Therefore one should opt for herbal medicines as it prevents any side effects.

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