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Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng

This is a traditional Chinese herb. It weakens the stress and strengthens the body. The ginsenosides, an active compound, stimulates immunity in the system. It affects the psychological and metabolic functions. Additional functions performed by Ginseng are lowering blood cholesterol, cleaning the liver, balancing glucose and many more. Ashwagandha


  This is the ayurvedic version of ginseng. The origin can be traced back to 2500 years. The herb helps in balancing the immune system and also has psychological effects. Anxiety alleviation and mood improvement fall in the category of this herb. This anecdotal also increases the sexual stamina and memory in humans. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

The origin of this adaptogen is in Eastern Europe. It supports the nerves and balances mood and also helps in maintaining healthy sleep pattern. The herb is an anti oxidant that prevents cholesterol oxidation and reduces the risk of cancer. It elongates the physical and mental stamina as well as relieves anxiety. This herb has no side effect as said by a renowned cancer center. Suma


Brazilian version of the Ginseng is Suma. It treats various problems related to respiration and also is a treatment for cardio vascular diseases. Anemia, fatigue and stress can also be balanced with Suma. As it has properties of anti inflation, it also provides relief from pain. The herb also has the capacity to regulate blood sugar levels too. Other than these herbs, there are many other which can be used for bath purpose. There are herbs which are especially used in cooking including tea. Aromatheraphy is also supposed to be very useful. For rejuvenation is a romantic way, use herbs like eucalyptus oil and rose petals to rejuvenate your body. The oil helps in stimulating the body and also helps in clearing the stuffy nose. The rose oil relaxes and also perfumes the body. In tea, use of Ginger has great and umpteen numbers of benefits. Parsley and cinnamon in food not only adds taste to your palette but also adds vitamins and proteins. Armoatheraphy is a great stress buster and also activates senses. These are some of the best rejuvenating methods which people can follow to relax.]]>

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