Herbs that help boost Estrogen levels

Estrogen is a vital female sex hormone. Estrogen is responsible for the secondary sex organ characteristic. Additionally, estrogen plays a vital role in female fertility along with the menstrual cycle and calcium deposit in the bones. At an age of 45 to 55 years when menopause occurs, estrogen production gets lowered. It results in the loss for sex drive accompanied with vaginal dryness and bone loss.


To combat the result of menopause, many women go through estrogen replacement. Replacement, however, is a debatable topic. The various side effects like the risk of cancer stop many people from choosing the replacement.  Other than replacement, which is quite a lengthy and costly process, one might consider using certain herbs which contain estrogen compounds. There are various herbs which consist of estrogen but before you begin with the herbal regimen one should consult the doctor. Some of the herbs high in estrogen are.

Black Cohosh 

A perennial plant in North America was used traditionally to treat various maladies. In Native America, the Heath Office of Dietary Supplements reports several occasions, especially the problems related to female reproduction and fertilely were solved with this herb. Among these problems, labor pain and menstrual cramps too can be dealt with Black Cohosh. It also has anecdotal support as reported.


Red clover 

It is an indigenous herb of Europe brought over to US and this too is in use for centuries. This is for the replacement of estrogen as it is high in isoflavones. Isoflavones have similar properties like estrogen and are a kind of plant based hormones. Various tests have showed that red clover relieves hot flashes among women but they must be careful as it might cause considerable harm to the sensitive areas of the body.

Dong Quai 

Dong Quai is again a Chinese medicinal herb which is also prevalent for a long time. It effectively treats those illnesses which are associated with female reproductive organs. Many women have reviewed this herb. Some say that they have been relieved of hot flashed but some claimed the opposite. Women must be very careful if they want to use these products as drinking the oil is risky. It is recommendable to only steep the leave in water as the oil contains carcinogens.



The extracts of soy work as estrogen replacement. Many show that there are positive correlations, while others do not agree to the claim that it has estrogen like effects. In various tests conducted soy has been proved to show great amount of Bioactivity. Short term use has never produced any kind of serious side effects, while prolonged use is associated with the thickening of the uterine lining. There are many herbs which are an alternative to estrogen while some have estrogen. Wild Yam is a similar type. As many of the herbs have side effects it is recommended to take advise from doctors.

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