Here’s how you make your honeymoon sex unforgettable

Honeymoon is the most memorable time of your conjugal life even if you know each other inside out for ages. In ancient days people used to wait until the honeymoon for losing virginity and having sex, as it heightened the excitement and pleasure of mating. The trends have surely changed but you can still make your honeymoon extra special with the help of a few proven methods. In the following, some of the best honeymoon sex tips have been compiled for your benefit.

Prolong the foreplay

 darkest desires (1)

One of the reasons why couples await their honeymoon is the fact that they have all the time in the world for love making during this first conjugal vacation. As you two have lots of time in your hands, there is no reason to hurry through the foreplay. Make your partner wait for the main action. The longer the wait the more exciting will be the intercourse. You should be bold in your approach and innovate new ways of seducing your partner. Feed them chocolate dipped strawberries and ask room service to send ice cubes. First draw a line across their back or down to their naval with the ice cube and follow the trail with your tongue.

Experiment with lingerie

 Experiment with lingerie

He knows your curves by heart but you can still give him a surprise by changing the style of your undergarments. Wear bold prints and don’t feel shy going overboard with sheer materials like net or lace. Thongs can make you look sassy whereas panty hose will create more mystery and visual intrigue. If this is your first time in bed with him then get some sexy baby dolls and sleepwear for enhancing your allure.

Be the genie

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You have taken a vow to be by their side through thick and thin so why not fulfill some of their darkest desires? Ask your partner to make a list of their dirty carnal wishes and make a list of your own as well. Exchange lists before you two scoot off to the honeymoon. Fulfill one wish every day during the honeymoon and ask them to do the same for you.

Quality is priority

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You have probably been hearing a lot of those bed breaking honeymoon stories. Don’t let your expectations overcrowd your judgment. You need not compare your sexual life with others. It should be unique and blissful. Instead of focusing on the number of times you two are doing it value the quality of the intimacy. Spend time in exploring the honeymoon destination and romancing your spouse. Remember that sex is the cherry on top and togetherness is the cake.


Honeymoon is the most romantic vacation for a couple. It should be a time of trying new things in bed and finding out each other’s darkest sexual desires.

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