Honeymoon sex guide for virgins

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The secrets of a great honeymoon depend on the level of communication between the partners before they start having sex. Apart from that, there are a variety of products, which can be tried to reduce the pain the female partner feels during first sex. These products include, highly lubricated condoms, and vaginal lubricants that reduce pain and hence allows the female partner to have an experience that she will cherish for the rest of her life. For women it also becomes essential to look hot at her first night during the honeymoon. This will attract her partner and he will try everything he could to make her feel comfortable during the physical encounter so that she can enjoy her time with him in the bed. Apart from that, alcohol, though only in limited quantities, helps in building up the mood. Moreover, it allows the shy partner to comfortably speak his/her mind about their likes and dislikes. For any satisfying sexual experience, the most important aspect is the start of it or the foreplay. Foreplay is just as important for a truly satisfying experience as orgasm it towards the end. For virgins, it becomes even more important, as this is the start of their sexual life and they want it to commence with endless pleasure. To start a good session, it becomes important to first kiss and then caress the partner on their sexually sensitive body parts, which might be the penis for males and breasts for the female partner.

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Once this is done, you can start by slowing removing the other person’s clothes, till they are barely in their birthday suit. After this, both partners, especially the virgin will come to know what is coming up next, and this excitement is the key to a successful honeymoon sex. Apart from physically connecting with your partner, the other requirement of a satisfying sexual experience is emotional and mental connection. As you get more involved during sex, it becomes essential to let your partner know about the same. Speaking up what you are feeling during sex is very important. However, here you have to make sure that you don’t carry on speaking to much as it can simply ruin the mood. If any or both the partners are virgin, the talking phase can stretch a little longer, until you both have deep understanding of what the other person is liking and what not. If the female partner is virgin, the opposite sex should understand that the first sexual experience might get a little painful for her and he should ensure that the woman is in the most comfortable position. If this is the case, the most comfortable position for the women would be when she’s on top of the partner. Once both the partners have gone through the first sex, other positions can be tried out too with the consent of both.]]>

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