How OAB Can Affect Your Sex Life

Dealing with an overactive bladder (OAB) is not only very difficult but besides your daily life, it can also affect your interpersonal relationships to a great extent. Almost millions of people are affected by OAB and according to them, especially the women, having sex can be very painful and during intercourse they always remain in fear of leaking and also passing unpleasant odor.

OAB can be caused by various reasons like neurological disorders, urinary tract infections, pregnancy or side-effects of certain medications. According to urologist Jennifer Berman who is also a sexual health expert in Los Angeles at the Berman Women’s Health Center, experiencing frequent bladder urgency or pain can act as a barrier in the way of having a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship. OAB, also called as urinary incontinence is not only responsible for physical symptoms of the bladder but can also lead to anxiety, fear or feeling inferior about sex and sexual intimacy.


Treatments for OAB

Many women find it very hard to discuss about OAB and talking about OAB and its impact on their sex life can be even harder. But according to Berman, OAB is not an uncommon disorder and with proper treatment it can be cured completely. She suggests that if someone is experiencing sexual dysfunctions because of OAB then avoiding caffeine and lowering the intake of fluid can help a great deal in getting over sexual difficulties. However, consuming too much alcohol and chocolate can also aggravate the symptoms of OAB. Besides these, medications can also help in treating the symptoms of OAB which prevents you to have a healthy sexual life. Some of the latest OAB treatments like surgery and Botox injections can also help you to control your bladder to a considerable extent.

OAB and Intimacy


Unfortunately, majority of women having OAB avoids indulging in sex completely thinking that it will further aggravate their problem. But according to many urologists, this is nothing more than a myth as having sex is not at all dangerous unless it is a prolapsed bladder. So, engaging in sexual activities despite having OAB is completely safe and harmless. However, sex and intimacy are two different things and intimacy can be shared by people having any kind of OAB although many women avoid it thinking they might smell like urine if they get too close to their partner. This also brings a sense of embarrassment in many women which also prevent them to be close with their partner. On the other hand, avoiding intimacy because of OAB will not do you any good as without honest discussion and cooperation, you cannot get over this uneasy feeling associated with OAB. So, it is important for you to discuss and share your problems with your partner honestly and open-mindedly.

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