How to deal with the situation of a broken condom?

How to deal with the situation of a broken condom?

Nothing can kill an amazing night of sexual excitement than a situation of a broken condom. Many women go from a sexually excited state to a state of panic within seconds after learning that the condom broke and therefore often ends up taking all the wrong steps to deal with it. So, here are some simple ways to deal with the situation created when the condom breaks during sexual intercourse:

  1. Talk with your partner

Most of the women always freak out when they learn that the condom broke during their intercourse and gets terribly upset just by imagining all the possible results like getting pregnant or worse, getting any kind of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Dr Mary Jane Minkin, author of, ‘A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health’ and clinical professor of gynecology and obstetrics says that instead of freaking out and panicking, it is important for a woman to calm down and talk to their partner in the event of a broken condom. You should ask your partner to be honest and discuss each other’s sexual history and if both of you have ever been tested for any kind of STDs.

2.Preventing unwanted pregnancy


Unless you are ready to have children, you should always take emergency contraception. The most common type of emergency contraception is available in the form of pill. These pills are almost 75 to 89 percent effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and one of the greatest advantages of these pills are that, they can be effective even after you take them 5days after having unprotected sex. However, you are still advised to take emergency contraceptive pills immediately after such accidents.

 3.Get tested

Even though your partner says that he has been tested for STDs and he is clean, don’t neglect to get yourself tested afterwards. According to Dr. Minkin, it is not necessary to get yourself tested the next day for STDs as most of the symptoms of such diseases do not show up immediately but become noticeable only after a week or so. Therefore, visit your gyno after a week or two and clear everything about you and your partner’s sexual history and get yourself tested accordingly.


4.Get yourself retested


It is possible that you got infected with STD after the condom broke but your reports came clean when you got yourself tested. It happens because your body doesn’t pick up the disease immediately and shows up symptoms after some weeks or even months. So, it is important for you to retest yourself for STDs again after 4 or 6 weeks even after your got clean report for your earlier tests. It will further diminish the chances of getting infected by STDs and let you enjoy a healthy sexual life.

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