Ideas for a reinvigorated sex life after marriage

It is no secret that sex generally tends to become a routine job after few years into a marriage. The initial excitement to mate subsides as the years pass and the couple have children.

 Sexual boredom

The human mind is an interesting organ. It craves to learn and experience new things. By nature humans are said to be polygamous which again indicates the need for newness in our lives. Sexual boredom can easily lead to disinterest and lack of libido. Sometimes one of the partners gets involved in affairs out of marriage due to this. There are, however, ways of reversing this course of action and making marital sex more interesting. Read on to learn a few tricks.

Bring back the playfulness

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Have you noticed how engrossed you and your partner have become in daily chores and how that has changed your old habits? Awaken your carefree and fun loving side and inspire your husband to do the same. Take time off for going on dates, trekking adventures or enjoy a sport together. Do things that give you both adrenaline rushes. When you start having fun outside the bedroom, your time having sex will become more enjoyable as well.

Have sex in different places


To get your sex life out of the rut you must take a drastic measure. For example start having sex in places outside your bedroom. The living room sofa is a comfy area where you two can get up, close and personal. Behind the doors, on the floor, on top of the kitchen counter or in the shower, choose places that make you do what you have never done before. Step out of your comfort zone. Park your car in a lonely by-lane to kiss your partner or give his bum a light squeeze in the lift. Even the surprising peck on the cheek will make him smile throughout the day.

Rekindle the love

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Many years of togetherness creates a strange comradeship between partners. But your husband surely yearns for your flirtatious younger self that made him swoon in love. Push aside little grudges and start doing simple thoughtful things for him. Ask him to meet you for coffee and take a stroll. Go shopping for perfumes together or ask him to choose your lingerie. Listen to him when he starts telling you his stories and in turn he too will return the favor. Sex is nothing without the platonic intimacy of two minds in a long term relationship. Be his partner in every way and love will blossom.

Sex and love are interconnected. One cannot prosper without the support of another. Make time for your partner and heighten sexual enjoyment by using new sexual techniques.

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