Ideas for using some of the sexiest tracks to make your sex life exciting

Many listeners set play lists according to their moods. The power of music can also be implemented and utilized for revitalizing your sex life. Here are some insights and ideas as to which songs you can use for bringing variety to your sex life.

The psychological impact of music enhances sex life

Couple in dance The progress of technology has made it easier for individuals to create their special amorous play lists and get going without having to toil or fidget with music players. You can just put the iPods into its holder and turn the sex play list on. Apart from increased convenience it is the psychological effect of music that makes couple enjoys sex more. The songs and their impact may vary. We tend to associate memories with both smells and sounds. Some music may spur happy memories in your mind and lift your mood. Exciting music may increase the production of feel good hormones and this in turn will help you take your sexual performance to the peak. A team of researchers working for McGill University has found that when someone listens to their favorite songs or particular tracks, the level of dopamine increases in their system. The musical impact spurs the production of dopamine which makes one feel good. The increased level of dopamine not just gives your mood a boost but it also makes you feel less fatigued. You can have sex for longer periods of time and enjoy yourself completely. Music can raise the tempo intimate young couple during People usually do not use all the senses for making sex spicier and that’s a big mistake. You should try using a song or sonata which has a crescendo. As the music and its tempo rises, the pace of your sexual extravaganza will increase as well. The songs you choose will help in determining the pace of sex you relish with your partner. If you want to go slow and romance your partner gently then try the ‘Turn on the Lights’ number by Future. The track named ‘Tesouje’ by Reminisce is good for hardcore sex leading to quick orgasm. Be creative and play on sweet couple cuddling in bed Lack of creativity in the bedroom is one of the main reasons why many couples fall apart and part ways. Boring sex life is unacceptable and if you really care about your relationship then you better use some stimulating and invigorating tracks for getting the attention of your partner and arouse their senses. The mind is the biggest sexual organ and the most important one. Music can stimulate your mind and make sex unforgettable. You can also create the right ambience for the musical tracks. Blindfold your partner and tie their hands so that they have little control over the actions. Play a music that slowly picks up pace. Use ice, feather, and also spank your partner if you wish. The idea here is to arouse the different parts and senses of your partner’s body. Improves the quality of foreplay

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Play romantic tracks that thrill her during the foreplay. Foreplay can become more relaxing and romantic with the help of the music. Music can relax your mind and help you focus on foreplay more. Maybe you will feel inspired to try new techniques with a lovely score playing in the background. Music can enhance the quality of your sexual sessions by relaxing and rejuvenating your senses. It increases the production of feel good hormone dopamine and boosts your mood during sex.]]>

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