Ideas to add more fun bedroom action on your next vacation

May you holiday with kids or without kids; sex is definitely on the cards. Holidays are the relaxing time, when you and your partner can be more attentive to personal needs and intimate desires. Couples who face conjugal problems are often advised by counselors to go on a vacation. The reason behind it is evident, intimacy and relaxation. In the following some of the most interesting holiday sex ideas have been shared so that you can take cues and enjoy.

Let go off inhibitions


The first thing that you must leave behind for a memorable amorous holiday is your inhibitions. There are many women who feel embarrassed to be seen naked even by their partners. Don’t wait till you have shed weight but shed your taboos right now. Your man wants you to be playful and for him you will be sexy even with a little bit of extra weight. Also don’t stop yourself from flirting, holding hands or hugging your partner under the blue sky. Romance is the most necessary step towards satisfying sex life.

Time for dark fantasies

 dark fantasies

Blindfolding, champagne in an ice bucket, strawberries dipped in chocolates, a room with sea view, all these can be your reality during a holiday. Just choose your destination with care and pick the right hotel. In many honeymoon destinations sex toys are available in local markets or you can make your own. Tie your man’s eyes using his darkest tie. Also tie his hands to the bedpost using his belt and get your way. Skinny dipping is another thrilling and sensual experience that you can enjoy during your next holiday.

Dress as a gift

 Dress as a gift

Wrap yourself as a Christmas present, if it is the Christmas holiday you are celebrating together. A red cape, Santa hat, Red booties and red lingerie are all you need to make his blood hum sensual tunes. Also hold mistletoe while approaching him. Keep aphrodisiac foods handy for binging as you will not want hunger to disrupt you.

Sneaky and wild

 Passionate lovers in bed foreplay

If you are wild and your partner enjoys thrilling little adventures then go hiking in your next holiday. Find out trails which are long and less traveled. When you find a lonely nook on your way, shed those clothes and have some wild fun. You can also rent a tent for wild night under the starry sky. 

Holidays are the best time for sex and romance. Surprise your partner with your new foreplay tricks and let your inhibitions go for making the next holiday more memorable.

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