How to Improve your sex life with Kegel exercises

Before knowing how to improve sex lives with kegels, it is important to know what Kegel is all about. Kegel exercises help one to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. These are simple exercises which can be performed at home as well. They do not require any specific place, time or equipment. The best part is that, one can perform these exercises even while one is sitting and working in their desk or standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus! You can do these exercises while watching TV, driving, or chatting in the phone. Pregnant woman can also try these exercises.


What is the exercise all about?

Kegel exercises were invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel to have a physical control over their muscles so that they have an uncomplicated and hassle free delivery. These exercises also help a woman recover faster after delivery. Not only that, these exercises helps a man and a woman to perform well in their sex lives. The internal sex organs are cradled by muscles known as the Pubococcygeus (PC). Strengthening of these muscles also helps one to strengthen their sex organs and respond better to sexual activities. The strong PC muscles play a very significant function in the sexual response in both men as well as women.


How are these exercises performed?

Kegel exercise helps by strengthening the floor pelvis muscles of both man and woman. It helps in increasing the flow of blood to the pelvis region, increasing the sensitivity and making them more prone to arousal. The stronger your muscles are, the more you will be aroused and face orgasm. If the muscles in woman are squeezed during sex, the woman experiences more pleasure and arousal.

Firstly, sit in a very relaxed position and try contracting the pelvic muscles with your legs apart or your knees half bent. Then breathe rapidly and try contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles repeatedly. Try holding onto your breath and contracting the muscles for about a gap of 10 seconds at a stretch and try increasing the duration.

For better results, perform Kegel around 3-4 times in a day for around 10 minutes each. Kegel exercises should not be performed with a full bladder. It can lead to other consequences like weakening of the muscles and emptying the urinary bladder. It also increases the chances of urinary tract infection in women.

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