Is sex necessary for sustaining your relationship

452361753 Why sex is vital in a relationship? Having sex with someone, your trust and love can make him/her feel much better, thus it is vital in a relationship. Couples having sex frequently are likely to have a deeper bond owing to the hormones released at the time of their lovemaking episode. This helps in creating a spiritual and emotional bond amid the couple that takes their love to the highest and deepest level. Sex helps in strengthening the bond of attachment and love between two individuals both physically and emotionally. Hence, it is highly crucial in making sex an essential ingredient of one’s love life as this will reflect love, care, affection and above all the feeling of being wanted. 176812409 Connects you Sexually activity is not merely constrained to just physical fulfilment. This enables couples in engaging to one another intimately. All aspects of an individual while engaging in sex are vulnerable and bare-naked.  A couple can deeply share at the time of intercourse on every level as it connects two lovers in such a way that no other activity can do. Once this concept is truly understood by the couple, sexual activity can aid in encouraging them to reach several levels of communication, thereby helping them in learning to be closer together in non-verbal ways. One has sex for fun, pleasure, frolic, relaxation and social status. For a relationship to sustain, sex is necessary. 155722191 The perils of sexless relationship Often couples face this problem. In fact, a sexless relationship is likely to result in vicious cycles of abuse and yelling matches. Maintaining a healthy married relationship devoid of sex has been a questionable affair always. Not having sex in life when one desires to make them unhappy, results in feelings of depression, frustration, self-doubt, rejection, low-self esteem and difficulty concentrating. No wonder, these take a direct toll on the relationship leading to broken homes and separation.  Summary: Sex is essential for building a healthy relationship, as sexual intimacy is a crucial part of long-lasting marriages and relationships. Overall sex is amongst the most liberating activities that couples can partake in as individuals. This is akin to a pill that can give partners a huge boost of content than anything money ever can buy. ]]>

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