Is Your Sex Life Becoming Monotonous?

Given our hectic work life, it’s easy to get caught up with our daily routine and responsibilities, leaving little to no time for pleasure. So, what can you do to make your life more exciting? One way is to find creative ways of working. The other is to consciously make time for activities that give us pleasure. Enjoying a passionate sex life can do wonders for our mind and body. Unfortunately, physical intimacy often gets neglected during our hectic routine. Moreover, if we’ve been with the same partner for a while, things in bed can also become monotonous and much less exciting.

Sex Life Becoming Monotonous

Did you know that less than 30% couples have sex at least once a week? These figures were revealed in a study of 20,000 couples conducted by Dr. David Schnarch, co-director of the Marriage and Family Health Center. The study showed that most couples had sex only once or twice a month. While noting that the use of male enhancement pills like Orexis has increased, experts at Men’s Health Digest point out that couples also need to make time for themselves to enjoy an exciting sex life. They also stress on reading customer reviews and getting complete information on dosage and side effects before using a male enhancement pill.

3 Ways to Make Your Sex Life More Exciting

If you’ve been feeling disinterested in your sex life or feel that spark missing, here are a few things you can do to reignite the passion.

Experiment a Little, and Then Some More

better sexMany people find their favorite position and just stick to it. Old habits die hard, even in your sex life! So, it may take some effort at first, but remember that it’s more fun experimenting than hanging onto your old choices. After all, there are more than 200 different positions. You never know, maybe you’re still to discover your favorite position! You can discuss your fantasies with your partner and choose some to enact in the bedroom. Watch something erotic together and decide to try different foreplay techniques.

Use the Third Wheel

It’s time to go shopping for toys! And, you can use them in creative ways. Read customer reviews for more creative ideas. Choose them together and use them with role playing. Or surprise your partner and take foreplay to the different level. Why stop at toys? Try sex furniture and swings to create more excitement. Don’t limit your experiences to the bedroom. Try different parts of your house or maybe even plan a weekend getaway just for this.

Forbidden Treasure

How about delaying your gratification rather than chasing an orgasm? Plan intimate time with your partner. You can take a shower together or just lie around watching something and feeling each other. With some restraint and delay, you’ll find the quality of intimacy as well as pleasure heightening.

If your sex life is being impacted by performance anxiety, do something to relax your mind before beginning to get intimate with your partner. You could even try a male enhancement pill to perform better. Do remember to read customer reviews as well as find out the dosage and side effects before you decide on any male enhancement pill.

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