It’s Answer Time : Is There Anything Like Free Sex ?

Any discussion on Sex becomes a subject matter of deep curiosity and interest in Indian society,marred by taboos of various kinds.No need to tell that when new age Gurus and Yogis like Baba Ramdev and Swami Satya Vedant, chancellor of Osho Multiversity, belonging to two different stream of thought patterns come to discuss least discussed issues among saints like extramarital relations , homosexuality and sex before marriage,it’s bound to create ripples within Indian minds.

These two well known figures recently were head on at India Today Conclave held in Delhi. When Swami Satya Vedant ,author of famous book ‘From Sex to Superconsciousness’, advocated about free sex,the celibate Guru Swami Ramdev was bound to tear this view into pieces. Swami Vedant expressed that “it’s free sex if you enter it with a free mind… An individual is free to do anything. Individual freedom is paramount.” Sabotaging this view Baba Ramdev said that there is ‘there is nothing like free sex‘.

Throwing more light on repercussions of having free sex Ramdevji said that ”

Nothing is absolute. All of us depend on others… sex leads to creation but you need knowledge and have to be honest and within limits. If practiced outside the marital sphere, sex will lead to evil deeds, rape and diseases. Pre-teen girls will get pregnant and I don’t think people will approve of that. If people do not know who their fathers are, illegitimate children will usually do illegitimate deeds. If you want that kind of an uncivilized world, you are at liberty to do what you want

.The other modern day Guru Satya Vedant seem to be displeased with idea of Ramdev and instead felt just the opposite by stating that ” “Sex is an energetic phenomenon… if two adults agree on something who am I to interfere? Why should another person become a monitor?“.

Needless to state that Baba left no stone unturned in revealing the dangerous repercussions of our involvement with sex in mindless manner.He managed to stir the hearts and minds with his out of the box approach on this very sensitive issue that determines the place of sex in modern and liberal India,imbibing so many strange values to gain an upper hand in the global world.

Baba Ramdev said that ” Kama ki ek paridhi, ek maryada hai. Vaasna upasana mein badalni chahiye (Sex has a definition and its limitations. Desire must transform into spirituality)“.

Well, in the age ,when there is rise in extra-marital affairs both the Gurus,crossing swords with each other,had a different take on the whole issue.Ramdev in strong terms advocated against it. He warned that such relations are bound to shatter the well established norms of code of conduct. ”

Do you want 12-year-old girls to get pregnant? Do you want the prevalence of HIV? Do you want a society where children would need DNA tests to determine their paternity?” he asked. “Sex must be practiced within the confines of marriage and between the age of 25 and 75, after which one must turn their thoughts to achieving moksha.

While the other referred to the whole issue in indirect and subtle terms. Satya Vedant ,believing that, ‘satisfactory sexual life is good for the mental well-being of a person’ went on to state that ” “Marriage is a union of two persons. If there is no union, there is no marriage.” Adding a new twist to the deabte Satya Vednatji said that “sex leads to superconsciousness and the only antidote to this is to become more meditative,” apart from stating that “orgasm” is a ” mini-samadhi”( a short state of trance), where there is no thought or emotion.He reiterated the stand of Osho that ” when you are fully ‘aware’, sex will be the first casualty “.

Baba Ramdev, referring to the role of marriage stressed more on need of honesty ,said that ” “if you are honest, marriage or not doesn’t matter”.

However,many reacted sharply to the stand taken by Swami Satya Vedant on extramarital affairs.One gentleman said that ” This is absolutely abhorrent. How can one married person justify his or her relationship with a person other than spouse? A married person is not independent to practise as one likes to the exclusion of the interests of spouse. Swami Vedant would be taking human race to the race of beasts.

Anyway ,whereas Baba Ramdev believes that ” sex gives a pleasure which is momentary while yoga leads to an energy transformation that would give one even greater pleasure
“.Swami Vedant was of the opinion that “sex leads to superconsciousness and the only antidote to this is to become more meditative.”

However,the differences on homosexuality was quite evident. Swami Satya gave way to the popular stand on it when he stated that ” homosexuality was the choice of two individuals and no one had the right to interfere with it.”.Baba Ramdev ,on the other hand, was strong in his observations who said that “I eat from my mouth, not my backside“.He called those advocating it ” literate idiots” who were working “against the order of nature “.

Now I left it on readers to draw conclusions.In my opinion,it’s time to be judicious while taking any stand on role of sex in our lives.We need to be highly conscious while embracing new set of values that talk about free sex,homosexuality , pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex.

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